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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse -3yr- Cupcake Game




Erica in Chambersburg, PA, USA


June 2012


Special Mention

My son loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and wanted a Mickey Birthday Party for his 3rd Birthday. He was Mickey for Halloween this past year.

INVITATIONS:  I took his picture in his costume for the invitations, which I designed and emailed out to everyone.  I recorded and saved the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode Happy Birthday Toodles" to our DVR and played that as our guests arrived. The boys were given Mickey Mouse headbands and the girls were given Minnie Mouse head bands. I bought them at the party store. I glued the red with white polka dot paper bows on for the girls as I couldn't find Minie head bands.

GAMES: First we played the game "Shoot Mickey a Cupcake". I drew and colored Mickey Mouse with his hand extended on a poster board. I found free cupcake images on the internet and printed them. I cut them out and put one name on each cupcake for every person playing the game. We hung the Mickey game on the other side of the room and used a "cupcake blaster" (Nerf Gun) to shoot the cupcakes to Mickey's hand.

When it was time to play I explained to everyone that we didn't have everything we needed to play. The cupcakes were missing! We had to yell for someone who might have the special tools we need. I asked them "Who would Mickey call if he needed a tool"? The kids said "TOODLES". So we yelled "OH TOODLES"! My husband entered the room with a big Toodles that I made from poster board. 3 things were attached to Toodles 1)The paper cupcakes for the game 2) A mickey Mouse Plate and 3 )a mickey mouse birthday candle. When everyone had their cupcake we played ~ The spot where the nerf bullet hit the poster board game is where I attached their cupcake with double sided tape. It was a hit even the Great-Grandmas played! Then it was time to eat. 

When we got to the kitchen everything was set up but no one could find the plates. We yelled "OH TOODLES"! My husband entered with toodles and the 2 mousekatools left were 1) the plate and 2) the candle. We took off the plate. (I only had one plate taped to toodles. The rest were ready to go in the cupboard.) I had a Mickey Mouse Clubhuose CD playing while we ate. 

Then we went back to family room to open presents. However when we got there the presents were GONE and Pete (I drew him from posterboard too) was there with a letter. (We relocated the presents and set up Pete while everyone was eating). The letter said: "I'm your buddy Pete and I'm here to play and wish you a Happy 3rd Birthday. I Pete knew that you wouldn't mind so I hid your presents for you to find. Mickey The Mouse is playing too, he's guarding your gifts and waiting for you. So follow the Mickey cards on the floor, they'll lead you to Mickey, then open the door!  While I was reading Pete's letter the mickey cards were being placed on the floor for my son to follow. (We just used a deck of cards that had Mickey on the back but you could use anything.) I told everyone to stay and just let the kids go because the cards led them back to where they started. While he was out of the room I pulled the giant Mickey Mouse Airwalker balloon from the garage (which is right off of the family room and put it in front of the door to the garage). He was so excited when he returned saw the balloon and eventually opened the door and got his presents.

CAKE:   Then we had cake and ice cream. We had to call Toodles one last time for the candle.(I made rainbow Mickey Mouse Cupcakes. I used boxed white cake mix. When I made the batter I separated it into 5 bowls and added a wilton icing gel color to each bowl. I used red orange yellow green & blue. Then I scooped a little of each into cupcake liners til filled and baked according to box. I iced them with store bought icing and topped each cupcake with a iced Mickey Mouse sugar cookie.)    We went back to the family room and watched a personalized birthday meassage from Mickey Mouse to my son. (This was from disneyjunior.com and FREE!) The greeting was actually a mini Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode. It lasted 2 or 3 minites and Mickey said my son's name and age it even included a photo of him. It was really cute ~ he loved it so did his Grandmas. 

TREAT BAGS:  My son passed out Mickey Treat bags to the kids and I played the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode "Minnie's Birthday" from the DVR as our guests were leaving.  *I bought the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse partyware and decorations from Wal-mart and Party City. The big airwalker balloon was purchased at partycity.com (they blew it up at our local PartyCity for free i just brought my reciept. The balloon actually walked around the room and lasted a LONG time!          "

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