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Christi in Conway, AR, USA


November 2009


Special Mention

We did a classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse birthday party for our daughters 3rd birthday. Everything in the stores is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I made a lot of the party things.

INVITATIONS: Black construction paper cut into the round 3 circle ear outline. I printed party info on red paper and cut out in circles smaller than my black paper. They said M-I-C (see ya real soon) K-E-Y (why? Because it's _____'s 3rd Birthday!) M-O-U-S-E" Then I listed date time place and RSVP. Glued party info onto black mouse ear outline and then folded largest circle to make them into the shape of the mouse ear hat. Punched a hole at the top and tied with a red polka dot ribbon like it was Minnie Mouse ears.

DECORATIONS: The party was in the youth area at our church. The colors in the room are black red yellow and green so it went well with my party. There is a stage and I covered the back with black sheets and had a 2ft tall stuffed Mickey and Minnie that my Dad had fixed on stands so they would look like they were standing next to the kids. They thought they were neat! Got a few pictures there when everyone arrived. Next to the stage I had a small round table with two little chairs. It had a red polka dot tablecloth on the table and balloons tied to the chairs. This was the gift table where we put all the presents.

At gift opening time I moved a chair on stage by Mickey and Minnie for the birthday girl to open gifts and not be over run with kids trying to open the gifts for her! The room had a "soda fountain" type area where we had the food. There are tall black and chrome tables with stools that I placed confetti (small Mickey stickers) a stuffed Mickey or Minnie and a few mouse ear balloons at each table. We also had 2 long tables with yellow tablecloths and a black runner that had stuffed Mickey and Minnie with balloons and confetti. I had coloring pages and crayons so the  kids could sit there to color or eat.

PARTY SNACKS: I had red and white polka dot napkins and black plates. Some plates had a small red polka dot ribbon tied along the edge (for Minnie) and the others were plain black (for Mickey). We served cheese and crackers cheese dip fruit and chicken nuggets and lemonade to drink.

CAKE: Had a small table covered in a black tablecloth for the cake. I had a small domed shaped cake covered in black fondant with fondant mouse ears and a big red polka dot bow that I made to look like the mouse ear hat. I wrote birthday girls name in yellow on cake and had it on footed white platter where I wrote "Happy 3rd Birthday" in red and had 3 black and white candles. Next to the cake I had cupcakes on a large tiered cupcake stand. The cupcakes were iced half black and half red. I used half an oreo stuck in the cupcake on the black icing half for ears. Some cupcakes had 2 white icing "buttons" on the red icing(for Mickey) and the others white icing polka dots and bow (for Minnie). Also had wrapped chocolate suckers I made from a Minnie Mouse mold.

ACTIVITES: We didn't have a lot of planned things since they were mostly 2 and 3 year olds. I had coloring pages and an inflatable bouncy. The room itself had foose ball and a pool table as well.

FAVORS:  Red paper bags with the tops folded down black pipe cleaners attached to the back for tails 2 white buttons for boys(Mickey) and white mini pom poms glued on (to look like Minnies skirt) and red polka dot bow for girls. All bags had Mickey or Minnie pen stickers and Minnie chocolate suckers. I also found cute Mickey and Minnie dry erase board boards as favors but they didn't fit in the bags so we just handed them alongside the bags. We had "ears" on headbands for those who wanted to wear them.

COSTUMES: My 2 daughters wore Minnie costumes I made for them: red tulle skirts with polka dots they wore over black leggings; the birthday girls top was red polka dot with ribbon and white pom pom trim that laced up the back with a big red ribbon and I embroidered a black Minnie ear outline with yellow bow on front. The big sister wore the same except hers was black polka dot instead of red. I cut out circles out of black felt and attached to barrettes with red polka dot ribbon for their hair. It was a fun party more laid back than others I have done so the kids could just be free to run around and do what they wanted. Had 9 kids total and everyone had a great time! Thanks to this awesome website for some of the ideas. Hope you like some of my new ideas and this helps with your own Mickey and Minnie Mouse party!"

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