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Micky's Magic Kingdom Party -7yr- Pirate Tatoos




Marany in Brandon, MS, USA


June 2009


Honorable Mention

I decided on a Magic Kingdom party for my son's upcoming 7th birthday due to the fact we vacationed at Disney during spring break and it was our 3rd trip in 18 months.  The party was held in the training room for new employees at my husband's office.  There was a big screen projector form the ceiling and it was connected to a mini kitchen.  The room was large with plenty of tables and chairs. 

INVITATIONS: My husband wrote a poem and I printed it in a disney font in black ink on red cardstock.  It read The Magic Kingdom's Coming,But it's not 4 states away.The celebration's set to lauch For Camden's 7th Birthday.There'll be games from Disney Just like you're in Walt's Wolrd.  A special day of Celebration For all invited boys and girls.So join us for food and fun Along with Mickey himself.For when you're at this magic party You'll feel like you're someplace else.  I inserted a separate card in disney font with the Be our guest with the place, time, and phone number.  I printed the address and return address in red disney font on the envelopes. 

DECORATIONS: These were very time consuming but turned out great.  I printed pictures of the castle, the magic kingdom entrance sign, the pirates of the caribbean sign, and the monsters inc laugh floor sign.  I blew these up on an overhead projector and traced them on some clearance window shade fabric.  The castle was over 6 feet tall.  I painted all the signs as they are at disney.  I sprayed the castle with glitter spray paint.  I hung the magic kingon entrance sign outside the door and the other signs in the room.  The other decorations were 2 dozen red, black, and yellow balloons floating from the ceiling. 

ACTIVITIES:  For the girls, we made modern day" Cinderella slippers from flip flops and used fabric scraps to decorate.  Also "modern day" crowns were sun visors with foam letters and foam glitter butterflies to decorate.  For the boys each was given a Captain Jack sword made from a pool noodle cut in 1/3's with pvc pipe inserted in the opening.  We wrapped the noodle in silver duct tape.  Each boy was given pirate tattoos and a black bandana.  My husband dressed in an authentic Jack Sparrow costume and performed the Pirate of Caribean routine with each boy like they do at the magic kindom.  The boys loved it and the girls decorated there flip flops and visors while watching.  I collected a bunch of rubber insects gold coins pirate pencils and a lot of other trinkets and put let each boy take a bag and fill it for a treasure hunt.  While the boys were on the hunt the girls got their nails painted in their choice of pink polish.  A mix of disney music from movies and the new Celebrate You was playing in the background. 

COSTUMES:  At the beginning of the party Mickey Mouse made an appearance.  I rented a Mickey head and added the tuxedo with tails jacket and red pants like at magic kingdom.  The children went wild over seeing him. Some thought he was the Mickey from Disney.  I rented a Cinderella gown and wore a blond wig.  To carry the theme I wore blue flip flops to match.  As previously mentioned my husband was Captain Jack.  He also changed into a green suit for Mike from Monsters inc and told a few jokes. 

PARTY SNACKS/CAKE:  I made homeade pizzas and cut the pieces with a mickey mouse cookie cutter.  Also I had popcorn chicken chocolate chip cheeseball strawberries pigs in blanket cheese cubes and punch.  I made a dip for the parents.  The cake was 12" round double layer with bubble gum flavor.  I iced it with white buttercream and spray painted it with blue paint.  I wrote happy birthday with white fondant writer.  I sprinkled it with sparkling glitter.  During snack time  we showed the fireworks and parades from magic kindom on the projector screen. 

FAVORS:  The girls received candy in tinkerbell bags along with visors and flip flops.  The boys got candy in their treasure hunt bags and a pirates stationary kit. 

THANK YOU:  I had custom made thank you cards made with red dots around the border.  There were preprinted dear __________  then 4 preprinted lines for my son to write his thanks.  His name was preprinted at the bottom. This party was a lot of work but definetly worth it. "

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