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Heidi in Glenview, Il. USA


April 2009


Special Mention

My daughter Tia loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so my husband & I decided to throw her a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed 2nd birthday party that would consist of 40 adults and 15 kids. I wanted an INVITATION that was different, so I searched through the web and ebay for a design that would incorporate Tia with Mickey & Minnie. I found an invitation from Babe Design on ebay, where she edited Tia in a picture with Mickey & Minnie riding in a hot air balloon. It also said Join us at our clubhouse as we celebrate Tia's 2nd Birthday" (Coincidentally it worked out well since we where having her birthday at our community's clubhouse) We also asked for everyone to wear Mickey & Minnie Colors.  I ordered her

DECORATIONS from various places. I went to Party City to purchase Mickey & Minnie table covers (used only for the buffet tables) plates and desert plates which only the kids would use. I bought the adults red yellow and pink plates and napkins. I used black utensils and cups. I ordered Mickey ears and a Mickey & the gang wall decoration from a website I found on Google. (Toy Hunt- they are actually the cheapest I found) I went to Dollar Tree to purchase red and yellow table covers for the rest of the tables-along with small vases I used for the tables centerpieces and red & yellow desert plates. I bought balloons (red yellow purple pink) & placed them on balloon sticks. (Our clubhouse doesn't allow helium balloons)

Each centerpiece had 8 balloons & 1 Mickey Head shaped balloon at the top; it had a solo picture of each character from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to cover the vase. (I used the Memory Card Game set that is sold at any local party stores) I found printable decorations from Playhouse Disney as well. I cut out 1" pictures of the Mickey gang and placed them around the centerpiece for confetti. I also used the remaining 1" pictures and taped them behind coffee stirrers for cupcake picks. I traced 3 circles to make Mickey's head on yellow and red construction boards I found at Dollar Tree (I made about 24). I taped fishing lines behind them and hung them from the ceiling.  I printed out Mickey banners from Playhouse Disney that said Happy Birthday Tia  I arranged a few

 ACTIVITIES for the kids. The toddlers had a section called TIA PARK. I used a red poster board cut out yellow letters used fishing lines and taped it to the ceiling. We laid out Tia's play mat and toys. (This was a big hit for the toddlers!)  We had a sack race for the older kids.  6 kids at a time had to run in a sack to the end of the room and grab Mickey Minnie Pluto Goofy Donald or a Daisy doll and run it back. (Tia had these dolls prior to her party. We purchased them from the Disney store which where on sale! They also where used as decorations at the sweet table) I also had them do freeze dance to a song from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cd I purchased from Party City. I had the adults (who came with a child) play musical chairs to the Hot Dog song. The winner received a big prize for their child. (Mickey & Minnie bag filled with Mickey Mouse clubhouse goodies I found at Dollar Tree) To top off the activities we had a Mickey Mouse pull string pinata filled with chocolates and lollipops purchased from Costco. We had a few

GAMES set up. A section of the party room was designed as a carnival games area. I used 3 red & 2 yellow buckets from Party City (.99 ea) and placed Mickey Mouse stickers on the balls. (Instead of Bozo buckets they where called Mickey buckets) I used old water bottles that we usually recycle to make a ring toss game. I duct taped about 56 water bottles together (7 rows of 8 bottles) and taped Mickey and friends stickers on certain caps (which is what they had to aim for for a big prize) I cut out card board boxes and placed the bottles in them so they were not exposed. I also covered them with yellow construction paper. I purchased a Duck Pond Game from Oriental Trading and called it Match Donald's Ducks (each duck is numbered at the bottom & you have to match the numbers) I purchased a blow up game called 3-in-a-row for $10 at a party store and had a giant inflatable basketball hoop and ball. The kids had to throw Mickey in the basket to get a prize. All the kids received various prizes that where purchased from different party stores or Dollar Tree. We rented a BLACK MOUSE COSTUME from a costume store and had Mickey make an appearance as the kids where playing games and doing the activities. We dressed up Tia as Minnie Mouse and all the kids received Mickey Ears. 

Instead of PARTY SNACKS we had 2 different buffet tables. One for the adults and the other for the kids. The adults had food I ordered-very reasonable priced while the children had home made spaghetti (we called it minnie'sghetti) hot dogs and bologna & cheese sandwiches that where cut up as Mickey & Minnie heads. (I used Mickey & Minnie cookie cutters I bought on ebay) They also had their own juice bar that was set up on a child's level table. I made home made brownies and used the Mickey & Minnie cookie cutters. I bought mini cupcakes from Jewel (30 pieces for $10) and placed the cupcake picks I made on them. We also had a chocolate fountain with marshmallows strawberries pretzels and pound cake. 

Tia's CAKE was ordered from a local bakery. Her picture from the invitation was scanned onto the cake. (Mickey Tia & Minnie flying in a hot air balloon)  A picture of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was hand drawn on the side along with clouds to make it look like they where really floating in the air. 

The FAVORS I gave the kids was something I got from reading one of the ideas on this website. I purchased red paper bags I cut out round circles for buttons (she bought actual white buttons) and taped them to the front of the bag-to make it look like Mickey's pants.  I purchased black pipe cleaners from Michaels (24 for 84cents) and punched a hole on the back of the bag making it look like Mickey's tail. What I did do differently from what this person did is cut out half yellow ovals and taped them at the bottom of the bag to make Mickey's shoes. I placed the Mickey ears (that I bought for the kids) at the top of the bags before all the kids came.  I also printed out Mickey thank you cards I found on Playhouse Disney and taped them to the back of the bags. I filled each bag with Mickey Mouse jump ropes Mickey Mouse spinners a Mickey Mouse card game and a mini Mickey Mouse puzzle. (All where purchased at the dollar store) "

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