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January 2009


Special Mention

My son turned 2 this year and he absolutely loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  So I decided to have a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party for him.  There were lots of great printables on the Playhouse Disney site for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthdays, but I added my own twist to most things and came up with some ideas on my own as well.  Check it out:

INVITATION:  I got the invitations from the Playhouse Disney website, under the celebration center & then Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday.  There are two choices there.  I went with the Zippy Print-and-Send invite.  I also didn't print the envelopes, because it seemed tedious to fold them all and put them together (I was sending 20+ invites out), so I just used regular card envelopes and decorated them with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse stickers.

DECORATIONS:  There were three things on the Playhouse Disney website that I used for decorations.  First of all I used the red banner triangles and printed them with the letters of his name on each triangle.  I hung that by using fishing line and a very big needle sewed the fishing line through the tops (I also added balloons to either side of the line as well), then I hung it up from wall to wall in the living room for people to see as they walked in the room.  Second, I used the Mouse Ears hats, but I didn't print, cut out & put together the hats, I actually only printed & cut out the ears.  Then I took regular party hats (package of solid color of 8 @ the local $ store) and cut slits in each sides so that I could slide in the ears and then taped the flap to the inside of the hat. Third, I printed a placemats for each guest from the website with his/her name on it (and laminated them) for them to eat cake on and as a favor to take home.  I also used cardboard spray painted black to put up Mickey Mouse ears/emblems throughout the room. The rest of the decorations were just basic party decorations in primary colors to match the Clubhouse theme (red, blue, yellow & black) balloons, streamers.

ACTIVITIES:  I only had one activity because it was such a big activity.  My husband & I built a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in our mud room.  We used tons of huge cardboard boxes (we had a couple of boxes that truck bumpers had come in from an auto body shop & of  course fridge and dryer boxes from the local appliance store  start collecting them early).  Here was the basic design (in some depth) of the coolest cardboard clubhouse I've ever seen:  First we started with a tall box, laid it on its side (this box was about 5 ½ ft tall X 3 ft wide) and cut a hole in the bottom to serve as the front door.  Then we cut a hole on the left side of the box to serve as a door into the playhouse (so if you were looking at the box standing at the bottom there would be a hole by your feet & then also at the top of the box on the left side).

We then poked holes in the top and inserted Christmas lights in each hole to help keep the inside of the playhouse lit. Then on the other side of the porch, we had another tall box (about the same dimensions as the previous box) that we attached to an old kitchen table.  The box hung about 2 feet off the closest end of the table and that is where we cut the entrance hole to the 2nd Level of the Clubhouse.  Underneath that entrance we set a small end table and a stool to enable the kids to get into the second level. 

Then on top of that 2nd level box we added another smaller box and cut the big box so that you could stand up into the smaller box (well, so an average 2 - 5 year old could stand up anyway).  Then we cut small windows in the smaller top box for them to look out (this small box happened to be in line with one of the windows into the living room so we could see them all poking their heads out these little cardboard windows it was great). 

Then to bring it all together we added an A frame type roof  in the middle of those two boxes.  I also added toys throughout.  There were puzzles, dishes, a steerin wheel toy that makes driving sounds, phones, keys, etc.  I then painted the front of the clubhouse with red, blue & yellow spray paint & then added Mickey Mouse ears/emblem to that in black.  It was by far the highlight of the party and I couldn't get kids out of it at the end of the party.

GAMES: I only had one game because the majority of the guests were about 2 years old, but for the older kids I did do one game it was called Donald's Goofy Fishing (taken from the Playhouse Disney site's Mickey Mouse online games).  I printed numerous colored fish out (blue, green, yellow, orange, red and pink), also two kinds of star fish.  Then I cut them all out and used a hot glue gun to glue large paper clips to the back of each one and put them all in a bucket. 

Then I took a wooden dowel and attached a string to the end with a magnet on the other end of the string.  I then printed out a sheet that had a place for a name and all the colors listed out (except for pink so it said blue, green, yellow, orange & red). The object of the game is to fill up your sheet with a fish of each color (except for pink)

To Play:  Each child gets a turn to fish with the dowel in the bucket from a distance.  Whatever color of fish they pull out is goes on the sheet with their name under the corresponding color.  If they pull a star fish they get another turn, but if they pull the pink fish out it erases one of the colors they have already acquired.  The prize for this game was a Mickey Mouse coloring book & crayons.  I only bought one prize, but the kids all liked the game so much that they continued to play after the prize was one just for fun.

PARTY SNACKS: For snacks, I once again used the Playhouse Disney website.  We had Minnie & Daisy's Fruitpops.  They were pretty easy and the kids absolutely loved them all!!  I think they thought they were getting some kind of sucker or popsicle ;)

CAKE:  There are cute cake & cupcake ideas on the Playhouse Disney website also, but I just kept it simple with a 9 x 13 cake with white frosting and then I decorated it with the Mickey Mouse emblem.  It was really easy, I just took one large Tupperware lid and one smaller one.  I used them to imprint the frosting and then colored them in with black decorating frosting (the kind that comes in the tube).  Then I added some blue & yellow stars and balloons (crunchy candies bought in the cake decorating section).

FAVORS: Favors were in Mickey Mouse bags and included a sucker, smarties, a homemade Mickey coloring book & 4 pk of crayons, krazy straw &handi-snacks cheese & crackers w/ a label on them calling them Donald's Cheese & Quackers (idea from website).

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