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Classic Mickey Mouse -5yr- Mickey Treasure Hunt




Kristy in Burbank, CA USA


June 2008


Honorable Mention

My daughter chose to have a Mickey Mouse party to celebrate her turning a big 5 years old.  Since it is a mix of generations who would be attending we decided to put a classic Mickey Mouse spin on the theme for all to enjoy!   She was dressed in her favorite Mickey shirt/shorts with Mickey head silhouette hair clip and her beloved Mickey Crocs. 

For the invitations we created a simple Mickey head silhouette invitation that read :  M-I-C (See you real soon) K-E-Y (Why? 'Cause It's Devon's Birthday!)  M-O-U-S-E  Please join us at the happiest house on earth to celebrate Devon's 5th Birthday!  For the decor :  I purchased yellow plastic table cloths for our rectangular picnic tables.  I took red plastic table cloths of the same length, but cut them to be only 18 wide and added big round labels for polka-dots (like Minnie's dress)and used them for table runners.  I used large blue sand pails as vases with fresh daisies for the centerpieces and tied helium filled Mickey Mouse head mylar balloons along with a bunch of primary colored latex balloons to the handles. I placed smaller red and yellow buckets for chips and salsa on the tables as well. 

To keep in step with the "classic" Mickey color theme I bought red lunch plates yellow dessert plates Mickey licensed napkins and blue plastic silverware.  I wrapped a Mickey napkin around each set of utensils and tied a red polka dot ribbon around it (again tying back to Minnie's dress).   Since this was an outdoor party I purchased a few Mickey Mouse beach balls and swim rings and floated them in the pool for added Mickey flair. I placed a bubble machine by the pool and had bubbles going throughout the party. 

For games :  We had a magical treasure hunt with "Mickey-ized" clues and maps leading the kids from one clue to the next.  My older nieces were a big help with the little kids on reading the clues and getting the younger gang to the next clue.  At the end the kids ended up finding a large "Treasure chest" we filled with kiddie binoculars and Mickey Mouse ears for each child as the treasure.  I also found a "Mickey Ears" pinata online that I filled with various toys and candy I found at Target and the 99 cent store.  It was a "pull-string" pinata so no one had to strike the Mickey Ears with a stick to get the prizes out - which I liked a lot! I used plain paper bags I decorated with Mickey head silhouette rubber stamps.  For loot bags :  I purchased solid red paper bags and added oval white labels so it looked like Mickey's trousers and his buttons.  I filled them with Mickey pencils parachuters markers and rings from the 99 cents store.  I also filled them with generic bubbles we created a "Mickey themed" "Devon's 5th Birthday" label for. 

For food :  We ordered a few "sets" of (1) large pizza and (2) medium pizzas that were arranged on the table like a Mickey head silhouette (head and ears).  I also made Mickey head shaped PB & J or turkey sandwiches that I cut out with a Mickey head cookie cutter I found online.   I made a "Mickey" fruit salad by making a cut fruit salad and then placing it in three hollowed out watermelon halves that were arranged on the table to create the Mickey head silhouette.  I made a Mickey pasta salad by tossing in some Mickey shaped pasta I found at the market along with my regular pasta salad recipe.  My last item was Mickey head jell-o jigglers I made and cut out with the same cookie cutter I used for the sandwiches. 

For dessert :  I made 2 different types of cupcakes - both with white cake.  (1) kind resembled Mickey Mouse ears and had dark chocolate frosting and Oreo Ears.  I placed a red Lifesaver in the front to resemble the "Mickey Mouse Club" patch on the Mickey Ears.  (1) kind had white frosting and black/red Mickey Mouse head silhouette sprinkles I found online.  I served the cupcakes and vanilla ice cream cups on white Mickey Head silhouette platters I purchased at the Disney Store.  A magical party for all!    "

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