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Carla in Dallas, PA, USA


September 2008


Special Mention

Since my daughter's birthdays are 3 days apart, we decided to throw one big party for both of them.  My daughters were turning 2 and 4, and they both love Mickey Mouse, so we decided on a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party.

INVITATIONS  I downloaded a free font called Walt Disney and typed the following poem Meeska!  Mooska! Mickey Mouse!  There's going to be a party at the (Insert your last name) Clubhouse!  Double the cake, Double the fun!  We're celebrating TWO birthdays instead of just one!  I then added the party information below the poem.  I downloaded a picture of Mickey in a party hat and put it at the bottom of the invitation.  The invitation information was printed 3 to a page in landscape format, then mounted to red cardstock.  I added Mickey head cut-outs (I bought a large Mickey Mouse hole puncher from Michaels) around the edges of the invitation in primary colors. 

Because the invitations were long and narrow they fit in standard envelopes.  I made return address labels using the Walt Disney font and Clubhouse clip art, and decorated them with Mickey Mouse stickers from Dollar Tree.  On the back I created a seal that had Mickey Mouse ears and said, " Wear your ears and say cheers!"  Most of the guests did wear Mickey ears, so it was cute. The thank you cards were Mickey Mouse gang photo cards I had made at Walmart.  We dressed our girls in Mickey Mouse ears and shirts that said Birthday Girl and then sat them on boxes  one box had a 2 on it and one box had a 4 on it.  We used the picture of them to create the photo cards.

DECORATIONS  I ordered Mickey Mouse Clubhouse partyware from Birthday Direct including a banner and a Scenesetter.  We had the party in a church hall, so the banner and Scenesetter set the mood.  We used red, white, and yellow balloons and streamers.  I created simple centerpieces by filling cheap glass vases from Dollar Tree with all types of Hershey kisses and then sticking Mickey Mouse shaped cookies that were on sticks into the vases.  I also put confetti in the center of the tables.  It worked out great because the tables looked cute, and everyone got to enjoy the cookies and kisses.

PARTY SNACKS  We wanted to stick to simple food and the Mickey Mouse theme, so of course we had Hot Diggity dogs (hot dogs).  We also served Mic-a-roni and Cheese which we made using Mickey Mouse shaped pasta, Corny Cob Corn (corn on the cob), and Clubhouse Chicken (fried chicken), as well as potato salad, coleslaw, potato chips, cheese doodles, a cheese tray and a vegetable tray with dip.  

CAKE - Instead of serving cake, we served cupcakes with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party picks from Birthday Direct.  Sam's Club decorated the cupcakes to look just like the ones on the Birthday Direct website.  For my daughters we made 2 small 3-tiered birthday cakes that had their names on them and were decorated to match the cupcakes.  You can find the cake pans on Current's website the smallest tier is 2 inches across, the middle tier is 3 inches, and the bottom tier is 4 inches.  My two year old stuck her entire face into her cake!  We also created an ice cream bar by buying a 5 gallon container of vanilla ice cream and then putting out all kinds of toppings chocolate, strawberry, and caramel syrup, sprinkles, chopped nuts, crushed oreos, chocolate and peanut butter chips, whipped cream, and of course cherries.

ACTIVITIES  We had a Mickey Mouse pinata, which the children loved.  We also had a face painter (our one splurge) and told her ahead of time that we wanted to stick to a Mickey Mouse theme.  She painted the children to look like all of the Clubhouse characters and some children even went back to get characters painted on their arms.  We also played some traditional games with a Mickey Mouse twist Pin the tail on Mickey, Donald-Donald-Goofy (like Duck-Duck-Goose) and danced to the Mickey Mouse clubhouse CD.

FAVORS I found a lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse items at Dollar Tree and gave each child an age-appropriate item including kaleidoscopes, yoyos, and paddle-balls.  I also gave every child a set of Mickey Mouse playing cards, crayons, and various kinds of candy.  I purchased red paper lunch bags, stuffed them with the loot, and then folded them over and stuck 2 buttons made out of cardstock on them so they looked like Mickey's pants.  On the backs of the bags I stuck a black piper cleaner which was bent like Mickey's tail and a label with each child's name.  Each child also received a pair of paper Mickey ears and a party blower which I ordered from Birthday Direct.

All in all it was a great party, and since people of all ages know Mickey Mouse, our guests really got into the party they came dressed in Mickey Mouse shirts and ears.

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