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C.E. in Stony Brook, NY


January 2008


Honorable Mention

After planning my niece's party, my other niece (who was turning 5) wanted me to plan hers!  She originally wanted to do a Princess theme party, but she also wanted to invite boys (and she didn't think the boys would like Princesses).  So, we decided on a Multi-character Disney theme. 

I made the invitations by using pictures that I found on the internet.  I made a border using the different characters (Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, Cinderella, Ratatouille, Lightning McQueen, Stitch, Pluto, Captain Jack Sparrow, Nemo).  In the middle, I wrote Hip Hip Hooray.. Its (Child's Name)s Birthday!  On the inside, I wrote, Please join all of your favorite Disney characters for (Child's Name)s Birthday Party Celebration!  Date, Time, Place (address, followed by Toontown), RSVP. When the party guests first arrived, everyone went downstairs to the basement to watch a Disney movie (Toy Story) until all of the guests arrived. 

Once all of the guests arrived, we went to the kitchen to eat pizza for lunch.  For the paper products, I used many different themes.  The large plate was Mickey, the smaller plate was Cars, the cups were Ratatouille, and the napkins were Disney Princess.  After lunch, I decided to do different theme game stations, which I set up in the living room.  Around the top of the room, I made a border with pictures from the internet of many different Disney movies.  I also found Mickey Balloons at the party store and put them in various parts of the room.  Before we started, I gave each child a card their name on it.  The card had a list of the four game stations with a picture of each character that went with each station.  Next to each game was a blank box. 

I told the party guests that they would get a stamp after they completed each adventure, and that the winner of each station would be given a special winner's stamp.  There were four game stations. 

The first station was Cars: Pin the license plate on Lightning McQueen.  I put each child's name on a license plate, and had them try to pin it on a picture of Lightning McQueen that I had blown up at Kinkos (I covered the license plate on the original picture so it was blank). 

The second station was Lilo and Stitch: Limbo!  I just used a regular limbo stick, and played music from Lilo and Stitch. 

The third station was Finding Nemo: Fish for Nemo!  I found one long stick and attached a string with a magnet at the end. I cut out a large blue circle and drew some waves with a darker blue marker. I then found fish magnets that I flipped upside down on the blue water so the party guests couldn't see what the fish looked like.

 Each child was allowed to fish for one magnet (which they were allowed to keep).  The child that found the Nemo magnet (the orange and black fish) was the winner.  The last station was Pluto: Feed Pluto!  I also had a picture of Pluto blown up at Kinkos, which I then placed on a cardboard stand.  I cut his mouth out, and purchased inexpensive colored bean bags at the dollar store.  I told the kids that Pluto was very hungry and had to be feed his fruit (the bean bags).  The winner was the child who got the highest number of bean bags in his mouth (there were many winners for this game). 

After the games were over, I told the children to gather around because I had found Captain Jack Sparrow's treasure chest (from Pirates of the Caribbean).  In order to take a treasure, they had to show me their completed adventure cards.  I told them that the winner of the first game could choose a treasure first, the winner of the second game could choose second, and so on.  But I told them not to worry, because everyone would get a chance to pick a treasure.  I made a treasure chest from a cardboard box and filled it with Disney coloring books (Mickey and friends, Cars, Disney Princess, Finding Nemo all of which I found at the dollar store). 

Next we had cake, which I made from scratch.  I made a long sheet cake, which I frosted in white frosting.  I cut out Mickey shapes from colored fondant and placed them all over the cake.  In the Mickey shapes, I put edible pictures of the different characters from the party by using edible ink and frosting sheets in my printer (I have a separate printer for this).  After cake, we did presents. 

Then, we finished watching Toy Story as parents arrived.  We used Mickey bags for the goody bags and filled them with Ratatouille tattoos, Finding Nemo stickers, slinkys, and bouncy balls (all from Oriental Trading).  We also included some candy.  I made the thank you notes.  On the front of the card, I used the same border that I used for the invitation, but in the middle I wrote Thanks for celebrating with all of us.  I think this party was a success, and a good idea for a mixed gender birthday party.

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