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Disneyland Party -5yr- Castle Cake Kit




Kimberly in Caruthersville, MO  USA


July 2007


Special Mention

We recently went to Disneyland for vacation so my daughter, Gabby, decided she wanted a Disneyland birthday party. 

I made my own invitations with a Disney Print Creations program.  I used one that had the main characters on it.  It stated:  Your invited to come to Gabby's Disneyland birthday party!  Come and make Mad Hatter hats, ride Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster, ride a horse at Woody and Jesse's ranch, swing on Tarzan's jungle gym, play in Captain Hook's pirate ship, dig for buried treasure, and drive a race car from Lightening McQueen's race track.  Also join Heimlech the caterpillar in eating hotdogs,chips, and cake.  Come dressed as your favorite Disney character or wear a Disney shirt if you have one. 

I started preparing weeks ahead of time.  I went to a party store and bought party supplies from different Disney movies.  For example we had princess cups and plates, Tinkerbell cups and napkins, Pirates of the Carribean plates and napkins, Winnie the Pooh plates and silverware, The Incredibles tablecloths, party horns and treat bags.  Instead of buying party hats I decided to have the kids make them out of paperbags.  I got a bunch of bags and turned them upside down and rolled up the ends.  Then my husband and I spraypainted them pink, purple, blue, and green the night before.  I bought feathers, pom-pom balls, stickers, pipe cleaners, and markers for each kid to decorate their own. 

Then I made a sign that said Come make your own Mad Hatter hats" and I drew the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland on it.  I knew that if I tried to have games that it would be chaos.  So I decided to think Disneyland.  So we decided to have it in my parents backyard because its fenced in.  We had Finding Nemo and Disney Princess balloons everywhere.  There was already a swing set back there so I made a sign that said "Tarzan's Jungle Gym" and drew Tarzan as a child and Terk from Tarzan 2 on it.

We also had a clippety-clop horse a rocking horse and a toddler rocking horse so I made a sign that said "Woody and Jesse's Ranch" and I drew Woody and Jesse from Toy Story 2 and had the 3 horse set up.  We also had a rocket spinner its kinda like a two person sit and spin but bigger.  I made a sign that said "Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster" and drew Buzz and one of those little alien squeak toys from Toy Story.  We had a Power Wheels race car and one of those plastic Cozy Coupe cars so I made a sign that said "Lightening McQueen's Race Track" and drew Lightening McQueen and Sally from Cars on it. 

My husband is the assistant manager at one of our local grocery store and he got me 2 of the giant Malt-O-Meals boxes that they get the cereal delivered in they have these punch out sides that were perfect to make a pirate ship with so the kids could get in and out easy to play in.  I duct taped 2 of them together and punched out only the sides and the ends that got taped together.  I left the back and then cut the front down the center and made it come to a point like the front of a ship.  I had my husband spraypaint it brown.  Then I took a piece of cardboard and drew Tinkerbell on it and put it on a pole like a sail and bought a Jolly Roger flag to go on top. 

I put a sandbox next to it and buried "gold" coins necklaces compasses and jeweled plastic rings in it. I made a sign that said "Come sail with Captain Hook and search for buried treasure" and I drew Captain Hook and Peter Pan on it.  We had hotdogs chips and cake to eat.  I made a sign for the food table with Heimlech the Caterpillar from Bug's Life eating a leaf and wrote "Yay look at all this yummy food!"  I also made a sign to put on the gate where you come in with Lumiere Cogworth Mrs. Potts and Chip from Beauty and the Beast that said "Be Our Guest at Gabby's Birthday!" 

My daughter had already had these huge Mickey and Minnie dolls so we had them set up at the entrance to greet everyone.  I found a Disney Princess Magic Castle Scene Setters Add On wall kit.  Your suppose to set it up on a wall to look like there is a castle set up.  Since we were outside we taped it up to the shed.  I bought Disney's Greatest Hits CD and had it playing the whole time.  I just happened to find these Mickey Mouse toy microphones at a dollar store and had them out for the kids to sing along with.

I made my own cake.  I found a cake kit that made a castle with Jasmine Belle Ariel Snow White Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella standing on the towers and in front of it.  It also had a picture frame tower for the center that said Princess on it and I had Gabby's school picture in it. 

Aside from there regular Incredible's treat bags that my mother and I made that had candy gum yo-yo's kaleidoscopes toys and we found Disney crayons at the Dollar Tree (Tinkerbell and princesses for girls and Cars for boys; we found pirate treat bags so I decided not to let the kids dig in the sand until the end of the party.  So I past out the pirate treat bags and let them go at it.  They had a blast digging for buried treasure.  You would have thought they found real gold.  Of course we had to rinse their hands off with the water hose but thats okay.  It took a lot of hard work to put this party together but it was well worth it for our daughters 5th birthday. 

We had 41 people there all together including adults.  It felt good when the parents came up to my husband and I and told us that it was the best and most unique party they had ever seen."

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