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Mickey & Minnie Tea -4yr- Tea Pot Cake




Jacqueline in London, Kentucky


Jan 2003


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 4th birthday our theme was Mickey & Minnie's Birthday Tea Party I made invitations on the computer that said A Tea Party in Honor of Alexis Gabrielle's Fourth Birthday  Gloves are optional, though hats or tiaras are requested Please come dressed in your tea party bestest, We'll have tea, desserts, and fun glore, Join us to celebrate as Alexis Gabrielle turns four!  (Get out moms hats,beads & lipstick and bring you favorite doll or bear for Tea November 11th 2002 @ 6:30

I decorated the living room with dress up clothing from a dress up truck for kids purchased at toys R us. I bought pearl beads at big lots the dress up kind you can get them in pearl, pink, and purple and laid them on the tables I used a couple of small tables like little tike and wrap the chairs in pink plastic table cloths tieing a large bow on the back of each chair I used pink plastic table cloths for the tables. I purchased 2-3 large pink roll of plastic at a dollar discount type store a dollar per roll.

I decorated each table with a candle and confetti with my daughters name Alexis on it I found this at Party City  I found beautiful paper plates with a girl dressed up on the plate that i found at a discount dollar store along with the matching cup & napkin each item cost a dollar for a pack of plates of 8 ect.  I decorated our coffee table with a candleabra with a pink boa wrap around it. I used lots of floating candles to go in large bowls.

For our dinning room table I used the trunk the dress up clothes came in as a center piece and I had the goodie bags in the trunk I used pink plastic table cloth for the table , tole fabric and gift tissue paper in pink and white i used for filler in the trunk  to give it a dress up look. 

For the goodie bags I found a light pink tote at the discount dollar store for a buck I place inside the tote a couple packs of dress up stuff like beads with braclet & earrings I found tiny tea sets and mickey & minnie paper pads and pen set at the discount dollar each item being a buck. I rented my daughters favorite caracters costumes Mickey, Minnie & Goofy I had family members to wear the costume. I had my daughter's nephew to be the butler. He was in charge of serving the Tea and waiting on the girls.

I had a cake made with a Tea Pot on it. And I made chocolate dip strawberry, chocolate dip pretzel, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches,and pimento cheese sandwiches  I used a star cookie cutter to cut the sandwiches in stars, I search everywhere for a teapot cookie cutter but couldn’t find one. I made a banner and hung on the outside of the door saying welcome to the Magic Kingdom starring Mickey & Minnie Mouse & Goofy and I listed all the Guys and girls as prince & princesses I had minnie to give out the goodie bags to each girl.  We had a fashion show at the end of the party since everyone came dressed in their dress up clothes

Prior to the party I  call the parents of each kid attending to get information on what they were wearing and their favorite toy, song, movie, hobbies their parents name ect. So I  could read as they came down the runway! The Butler participated in the fashion show as well don't leave out the boys! The back ground mucsic I played during the entire party was When you wish upon a star it was perfect not fast beat or lound just low music in the back ground I call our local newspaper The Sentinel Echo and told them what I was planning an ask if they would be interested in coming out to take pictures to put in the paper and the did (Free) My daughter and her friends was so excited when they saw their pictures in the paper with Mickey, Minnie & Goofy Everyone is still talking about the party. Thank You Jacqueline Napier London, Kentucky

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