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Disney Party -4yr- 101 Dalmatians Cake




Buddy  in Cincinnati, OH, USA


Jan 2003


Special Mention

This was a Disney themed party for my 4 year old girl.  She is a Disney lover and I researched having characters come but due to copy rights I had to come up with alternate plans.    

The invitations were hand made and took a long time but they were so worth it.  I made Mickey and Minnie faces that each opened up with info on the inside.  Mickey got sent to the boys and they opened the invite by untying a black bow tie that I made with ribbon. The girls got the Minnie.  They opened theirs by untying her hair bow.  Very very cute!!!!     First, I had Woody and Jessie costumes made for my husband and I to wear.  They looked very authentic. 

As far as the other characters being there I got creative.  I used an overhead projector and blew up many different characters on oversized paper.  (I did about 35)  I then colored and markered them to look life like.  I cut these out and backed them on cardboard and then stapeled wooden stakes to the back of each one.  The guest were greeted at the driveway with Snow White and the Seven Drawfs. 

They were each holding a sign saying "hi ho hi ho to Jordan's party we go."  I had a tape player out there with that song playing.  I also paper mached "large diamonds" and painted those with my daughter.  These were just laying around the seven drawfs.  As the guest came to the back yard, they met the characters from Beauty and the Beast.  I had large signs made saying" Be Our Guest"  This is where the kids had their lunch.  I used brown paper bags with a Mickey die cut on it and each name.  They had PB & J cut out like a Mickey head, Disney fruit snacks, pretzels, and Mickey juice box.  The other areas included The Whinnie the Pooh characters.  Here they did a Pooh candy drop.   I had a Little Mermaid section where they did a bean bag toss.  I cut 3 round holes in a piece of plywood and painted an under the sea scene.  They used fish bean bags.   I also used 2 other pieces of plywood and painted Mickey on one and Minnie on the other with the faces cut out. 

We took pictures of each kid here.  Their friends Goofy and Pluto were close by.  We also had Toy Story characters.  This was an obstacle course.  They had to ride stick ponies through traffic cones and put on a cowoy hat. At a table they had to put together a potato head and then run to the finish where there was a  blow up Buzz (purchased at Disney Store)that is a basketball hoop and they put the ball in.  

I made my own Mickey and Minie faces and had them laminated. I had Minnie hairbows for the girls and bowties for the boys to play "Pin the tail on Mickey or Minnie".    I had T-shirts made for each with a small Mickey on the front and their names on the back.  My Mom did these and also made Mickey Mouse ears out of felt for the party hats.  They were amazing.  The cake was themed around the 101 Dalmations.  We used spotted tableclothes and Dalmation partyware.  The balloons were black, red, and white.  We also had a cotton candy machine that was a big hit.    

The party bags were big red gift bags.  I cut out a Mickey Mouse face and then the letters of each kids name.  I got lucky at the Dollar store and found great Disney "I spy" books.  (That was just pure luck)  I also put in the big Disney twirl suckers and Disney Pez candy.  Disney puzzles and stickers finshed those.  Each girl got a Minnie Mouse bow that I made to take home for their hair.     

I forgot to mention that I had a Disney CD playing the appropriate Disney movie music at each station.     

This party did not cost a whole lot but did take a ton of time to create.  I started the characters 3 months prior.  The parents could not believe this party!  I couldnt take 20 kids to Disney so I brought Disney to them.  My little girl still talks about it and loves playing with the characters in the basement.

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