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Disney Party -6yr- Micky/Minnie Cutouts at Entrance




Christina in Bakersfield, CA USA


January 2001


Special Mention

THEME:  Disney  My 6 year old could not decide what type of party that she wanted.  We had picked the place, our backyard, but she was having trouble deciding between Pooh and Cinderella.  After reading this site, I suggested a Disney Party! 

INVITATION:  The invitations where simple and very inexpensive.  I bought black cardstock, drew one big circle with two smaller circles on top.  This made a Minnie Mouse cut out.  I typed out all of the party information in red on the computer and cut that into a circle and glued it in the inside of the Minnie face.  The invitation read:  Hi, ho, hi, ho, it's off to Emma's 6th birthday we go. Date, time,  Don't be late for this very important date!!  The party will be held at the Magic Kingdom, at 1234 ABC Street.  Wear your favorite Disney Shirt!  I topped it off with a red and white polka dot ribbon.  I also bought large construction paper at the dollar store and made my own envelopes.  Total cost was $9.00 for 40 invitations. 

DECORATION:  I found a book at Michael's, on clearance, that had instruction on how to make Disney Wood Cutouts.  I improvised and made my cutouts from posterboard and attached them to wooden stakes.  Minnie and Mickey greeted the guest at the entrance to the backyard, holding 2 balloons each.  Standing next to them where Winnie the Pooh and Goofy, also holding balloons.  In the backyard, I had addition Disney characters around the backyard holding balloons. 

At the party area I had streamers hanging above with balloons and a Tigger center piece hanging from the center of the patio.  Each table a different tablecloth, plates, napkins, (Minnie, Pooh, Tarzan, Mermaid, Cinderella, Mickey)with Mickey shaped confetti and assorted Disney themed party blowers in the middle. A map of Disneyland along with a poster of The Little Mermaid taped to the sliding door.  I also made, out of black construction paper, small Mouse ears with each child's name in red glitter and taped them around the posters. Total cost:  $42 for 52 guests. All of the decorations and tableware was bought on clearance at greatentertaining.com.  

FOOD:  This was an afternoon party so we had popcorn, chips and dip.  These bowls sat on the party tables as decoration.  We had punch with Mickey shaped ice cubes.  The cups were Toy Story. 

CAKE:  The cake was easy.  A store bought generic birthday party style cake.  I had Pooh and Snow White toppers from previous parties.  I lined the edges of the cake with those characters with a happy birthday greeting in the middle and the candles near the bottom. 

ENTERTAINMENT:  I rented a Lion King jumper.  This is a great entertainment tool for kids.  It is fun, self contained and low maintenance for mom.

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