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Britny in Richmond, Texas, United States


November 2014


Runner Up

My daughter loves Minnie Mouse and she has a summer birthday, so for her third birthday, we decided to have a Minnie Mouse pool party. The decorations were based around a color scheme of bright pink, turquoise pool water blue, and black Minnie mouse face silhouettes with a pink bow. 

INVITATIONS: The invitations were framed in bright pink with turquoise water that looked like waves on the bottom half. A Minnie mouse silhouette floating on a pink life preserver was floating in the water. Above the water was a pink beach ball with my daughter’s picture inside and the words Splish Splash, It’s Brooklyn’s Third Birthday Bash! in black, with Brooklyn in a bright pink Disney font. The party details were down below in the water in a white font.  

DECORATIONS: I had so much fun coming up with decorations that combined the pool theme with Minnie mouse. We ordered mini pink, turquoise, and black beach balls from oriental trading. I turned the black beach balls into Minnie mouse silhouettes by hot gluing black foam ears and a pink foam bow on each. These beach balls were dangled on clear fishing wire in front of all the windows and all around the patio roof outside. We also hung more beach balls, pink and turquoise paper lanterns, and a Minnie mouse piñata from the trees that hang over the patio. We dangled pink and turquoise polka dotted ribbons from the lanterns, which looked really neat when they caught a breeze. 

I made several banners to drape in front of the windows above the buffet tables and from the fireplace. Two of the banners I made using my cricut machine. I cut out black Mickey Mouse silhouettes that spelled Happy 3rd Birthday Brooklyn and Brooklyn is 3! I attached pink bows to make them look like Minnie. I strung these from pink ribbon above the dessert table and fireplace. Above the food buffet and back windows, I hung banners made from cut up pink and turquoise pool noodles. I cut them into rings and strung them with clear fishing wire. 

FOOD: We had a Minnie Burger Buffet. I bought two cardboard, three tiered stands (like cupcake stands) and glued pink and turquoise ribbon around the circumference of each tier. For food labels, I cut out Minnie Mouse silhouettes on pink polka dotted and turquoise chevron paper. I printed labels in the Disney font and stuck them on Minnie silhouette. Each layer of the buffet tiers had one of the Minnie mouse food labels glued to the front. One stand had slider buns on the bottom, slider patties in the middle, and small cheese slices on the top tier.

The other stand had lettuce slices on the bottom, tomato slices in the middle, and pickle slices on top. We served the ketchup, mustard, and mayo in clear condiment squirt bottle that I wrapped a pink or turquoise patterned ribbon around. We served the chips in beach pails. I hot glued more Minnie food labels to the ends of spoons to label the chips and dips. Cheeto balls were beach balls, Doritos and goldfish were Fish and Chips, and potato chips wesurf boards. We also had a circular fruit platter with fruit dip in the middle in which we stuck a spoon that said, Take a dip. I found some Minnie and Mickey shaped snack packs that had apples, cheese cubes, pretzels, and carrots and we placed those on the kids’ craft table.

We served pink lemonade in a clear drink dispenser and labeled it Sun Burnt Punch. We had pink and turquoise cups and turquoise striped paper straws. The burger buffet was on a turquoise tablecloth that I layered over a pink tablecloth and cut the bottom to look like waves. The plates and napkins were pink and turquoise with polka dots on some and chevrons on the others. 

DESSERT: We did the same layering technique with the tablecloths on the dessert table. In the center of the table, we had a clear glass 3-tiered cupcake stand. I made two types of cupcakes- one was chocolate with strawberry cream cheese frosting. I topped them with Minnie mouse silhouettes made from mini oreos and pink frosting bows. The other cupcakes were strawberry with cream cheese frosting that was dyed turquoise. I topped these with pink gummie lifesavers with a chocolate teddy graham floating inside and a pink umbrella pick. To the left of the cupcake stand, I placed a large turquoise platter with frosted sugar cookies shaped like pink and turquoise beach balls, white and pink life preservers, and turquoise and pink number threes. To the right of the cupcake stand, I placed a platter of Minnie mouse silhouette oreo truffles. I made chocolate covered oreo balls as the head, attached mini oreos for the ears and piped on pink bows. My favorite part of the dessert table was our pool themed candy buffet, which also served as favors. We placed candy in small glass bowls and labeled each candy with the Minnie mouse labels on spoons. Guests could fill pink an turquoise bags with gum ball beach balls, sour straw pool noodles, starburst kickboards, air head rafts, and gummie lifesaver floaties. 

ACTIVITIES: I found a Minnie at the Beach book that the guests signed when they came in. I do this tradition at every party and my kids really enjoy reading all the messages over and over again. We had a Minnie and Mickey Mouse visor station. I had hot glued black foam ear onto colorful foam visors (the girls had pink foam bows too). I placed bright colored foam letters of each child’s name into labeled bags. The kids decorated the visors with their names and fun pool and beach themed stickers. Outside, we had a small above ground pool, a Minnie Mouse slip and slide, and small Minnie mouse inflatable wading pool. The kids (and adults) had a blast playing on these.

For most of the kids, it was their first time on a slip and slide. We played a game in the small Minnie mouse pool similar to the duck pond game you see at carnivals. I labeled several of the Minnie mouse silhouette beach balls with numbers and placed them in the pool. We had pink striped bags that were numbered with more Minnie mouse labels and had different prizes like Minnie mouse paint sets, bubbles, crayons and the same Mickey themed prizes for the boys. The kids used a pool cleaning net to fish out a Minnie beach ball, read the number on the bottom, then claimed the prize that coordinated with their number.  The last activity was the piñata, which was filled with Minnie and Mickey themed candy.  It was a really fun party to create and my daughter loved it. She is still talking about it almost 4 months later! That makes everything worth it to me.

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