Mary Poppins Party

Practically Perfect -6yr- Fly a Kite Craft




Anna Marie in Whittier, CA


November 2000


2nd Runner-Up

My daughter and I decided on a Mary Poppins Practically Perfect Birthday Tea Party for her 6th birthday.  She dressed up like Mary Poppins too.  It was quite lucky to find a Mary Poppins book with actual pictures from the Disney movie. With book in hand I bought a women's blue suit and a black hat at a thrift store.  I took-in the suit to fit her.  (It was done quite easily I'm no sewing pro.  I took the skirt in and jacket in less than 2 hrs.)  I hot glued daisy flowers and strawberries in her hat.  We had a tapestry carry-on case that she used for her carpet bag, white gloves, black muffler/scarf with 3 red stripes, and a black umbrella.

I scanned pictures from the Mary book and created invitations and return address label.  The inside read: "Spit-Spot!, It's time to celebrate Danielle's 6th Birthday!  Our celebration would be quite unsatisfactory without You!".  An antique trunk of vintage hats, scarves, necklaces, gloves and boas was at the front door as guests arrived. They were invited to choose their attire.  A picture was clicked of them so that they could have a memento included in their thank you cards. 

I had white Chinese lanterns hanging above and three activity tables set up.  One table was a "Lets go fly a kite" table.  The children decorated their construction paper kites with markers and cut-outs and a tail. A string around 18" long was attached to the kite. The other end of the string was tied on to a 12" wooden dowel so that the kites could fly with the wave of the hand. 

The second table was the "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Cookies Table" for cookie decorating.  The children decorated their teapot shaped cookies with tubes of frosting and various sprinkles. 

The third table was "Bert's Chalk Drawings".  The children where given sheets of butcher paper and a bucket of chalk and they drew their own creations.  I didn't have any games because I don't like some children leaving without having won a prize.  This way every one can participate and go home with something. 

My daughters cake was the shape of large teapot.  (I used two oven proof mixing bowls and inverted one on the other.  The handle and spout was cookie dough formed into their respective shapes and then covered with whipped cream frosting. (Tooth picks were needed to distribute the weight of the dough). Various shaped finger sandwiches and fruit kabobs were served.  Raspberry tea and apple juice to drink. 

Ambiance music provided by the Mary Poppins sound track.  Vintage china was used and patterns were mixed.  My daughter and her friends had a wonderful time no one wanted to leave!  I later took her to Disneyland dressed as Mary Poppins and she was just delighted at all the Disney cast members who treated her as if she was the real "Mary".  Many visitors would also say "Look there's Mary Poppins".  I hope these memories will stay with her for along time.

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