Mary Poppins Party

Mary Poppins - Poppins Entertainer




Heather in Eastampton, NJ, USA


October 2001


Honorable Mention

My daughter just turned three and is crazy about the Disney movie Mary Poppins.  Of course, when I asked her what kind of birthday she wanted, she said "Mary Poppins." I knew this was going to be difficult because I've never seen any Mary Poppins partyware etc. and I wasn't able to track anything down, even over the internet.  So, I decided to plan a tea party since they were always having tea in the movie.  This worked out well. 

For invitations, I found adorable tea party invites shaped like teapots.  When you pulled the lid up, out came the where, when and RSVP information.  On the back I wrote, "Come for tea with Mary Poppins and me for on October 3rd... guess who's turning three!"  I also found tea party tableware and borrowed extra teapots from family and friends so we would have a variety of teas to offer. 

For food we had tea sandwiches (an adult variety and peanut butter and jelly for the kids), mini bagels with cream cheese and jam, baked beans, tomato salad, chips, a fruit tray with dip and fruit kabobs, which my daughter helped make.  Take wooden kabob skewers cut in half and load up strawberries and marshmallows or whatever your birthday child's favorite fruit is. 

Our cake was decorated in the same colors as the partyware with a cherished teddy "having tea" for a cake topper.  We served raspberry ice instead of ice cream because it is mentioned in the movie too.  Instead of noise makers and party hats, we had white lace gloves and small white parasols for the girls. . .black top hats and red bow ties for the boys (all bought at the local party supply store).  

We decorated with a Happy Birthday banner and lots of balloons.  Grandma made a "Pin the bow tie on the Penguin" game. 

I was very lucky to find a children's party entertainer to come as Mary Poppins.  That took a lot of research because most places would not do such an unusual request.  But it was well worth it -- she did an outstanding job!  She did face painting, balloon sculpting and a magic show.  She made plenty of references to the movie such as asking the kids to say "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious " during a magic trick and singing "Let's go fly a Kite" during the face painting.  Other games and activities we had planned but didn't have time for were -- spoon full of sugar races, musical chairs, and I'm a Little Teapot song. 

For loot bags I used different colored paper bags pink for the girls and blue for the boys.  Loot prizes were -- small "carpet" bags, kazoos, tiny writing tablets, pencils, glitter glue (washable), and candy.  Now we are reliving the fun by watching the home movie and looking at all the pictures we took!

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