Mall Scavenger Hunt

Mall Scavenger/Slumber - Disposable Camera




Katie in Auckland, New Zealand


March 2010


Special Mention

I've been looking at this site for hours, and have come up with an awesome party idea! It's a Mall scavenger Hunt with a camera. I'm planning to invite eight friends over for a slumber party,and then the next day go shopping, all the while completing the scavenger hunt.(I live just up the road from our local shopping destination)

Invitations: I won't be mentioning anything about a Mall Scavenger Hunt to my friends before this, so it won't be stated in the invites. They will either be made and printed on the computer, or I will handmake them, because it makes them look even more special. It will say: Dear_____, you are invited to Katie's absolutely awesome Slumber Party and Shopping Spree,to be held on (date) at (arrival time) to (departure time) on (departure date). Please RSVP on (phone number) by (rsvp date). If you decide to attend this amazing event, please make sure to bring: pillow, sleeping bag,makeup, accessories, dressups, pajamas if you plan to sleep at all, and money for shopping. Hope to see you there!

Decorations: I will be using my garage for the sleepover room, so I will set up the beds in there. We have a fridge in our garage so I want to put all our food and everything in there so we can be indepentant from the house in the middle of the night. There will be one or two big mirrors, a clothes rack for dressing up, magazines in a corner, and of course tables for makeovers.

Activities: I will set out all my facial/body treatments on one table, mani/pedi equipment on another, and one for hair and makeup. There will also be my laptop set up and a range of movies to choose from. I want to make it an all nighter, but if some people want to go to bed they can. I don't think anyone will though, (unless they are so tired they can't keep their eyes open)because there will be pranks.

Games: We will play the usual sleepover games: scary stories, fashion shows, and of couse truth or dare, which I have changed into: Ducky Truth or Dare. I have twelve plastic ducks that each have a number on the bottom. I will put them in my paddling pool, and everyone has to one by one pick one up. Each number has a truth and a dare to it, on a piece of paper, that I have previously written down. Once the person chooses 'truth or dare' they have to look at the paper and see what it is. I find it really fun to play because I make up really outrageous ones that make us all laugh.

Costumes: I will bring out most of my clothes and accessories, which I will hang up on the clothes rack, and other people can bring some for it too. We can all dress up randomly throughout the night, and take crazy pictures, and have fashion shows.

Party Snacks: I'm going to set up a fruit platter, including: grapes,pear chunks, kiwifruit slices, berries, and maybe banana. There will be separate strawberries, and marshmellows, because I'm going to have a fondu. There will also be snacks like chips, dip, lollies, and pretzels.

Cake: I will be making cupcakes with my bestie, and I am hoping to buy a couple of those multi tiered cupcake stands to put them in. In the morning, We will all wake up quite late, but I will set an alarm for ten, and then get my mum to make us pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns for breakfast. If my friends want some bacon and sausages then Mum can cook those too.(I'm a vegetarian) After breakfast, we will all go back to the garage to get dressed and ready for shopping, but we will find an envelope, that I would have secretly left there, on my way to breakfast. It will say: I hope you're all well rested up and ready to shop! Because now it’s a race! Get into two teams of four and hurry to get dressed.

Once you're whole team is ready to go get to the letterbox as fast as you can!" This will get everyone to hurry up and get changedwith all their gear for shopping. The first team to be ready will get to the letterbox and find a prize for each of them. There will also be  another letter which will say: "All right are you ready?

Now each team has to go to Katie's Mum and ask nicely if any parcels have arrived for you." So we will go to my mum and she will give us a disposable camera and envelope which we will have to open. It will say: Here is a list that you must read and when you get to your shopping destination you have to use the camera to take a photo of each thing on the list. This is a Mall Scavenger Hunt! We will go down to the Mall and the lists will say stuff like:

1.Take a picture of all of you eating lunch in the foodcourt

2.Take a picture of you all trying on an outfit in Pumpkin Patch (because we're all far too old to shop there)

3. Take a picture of you all inside Rubi Shoes wearing ridiculously high heels.

4. Go into Bling and take a photo of you with heaps of 'BLING'.

5. Go to the MAC counter and elect one of your group to have a makeover photograph her before and after. Ect.ect.ect.

We will then go get the photos developed and go home where Mum will give both teams prizes because we will probably both have completed our lists. If not only one team will get a really good prize and the other will only get a small prize. About a half hour after we need to be home the girls parents will come and pick them up.

Favours: each girl will get a little 'Slumber Party' giftbag with some nail polish makeup jewellry as well as the things they might have bought while we were shopping. Also I will copy all the photos and give them to the teams a few days later.   "

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