Mall Scavenger Hunt

Shopping Scavenger - Hunt for Animals




Juanita in North East, PA  USA


February 2002



Mall Scavenger Hunt Great for any age (pre-teen to teen) shop-aloha!

First, invite an even number of girls (in my case it was 6)... make sure you have 2 adults to supervise. Meet at the local mall at a fast food site, where you will meet again after the hunt.

I made a list of as many animals as I could.  With that list in hand we broke up into 2 groups and gave the girls 45 minutes to hunt.  Any animal alive, stuffed, printed (i.e.: a picture of it), etc... could be used to mark off that animal from the list (however the girls had to know what it was they had found and had to be right in order to have it marked off the list, the adult was the judge). 

At the end of the 45 minutes, meet back at the fast food site (we chose pizza), order your food as one adult tally's up the totals.  In our party, the winners got a stuffed animal and a $10.00 mall gift certificate the other team got a $10.00 gift certificate for participating!!  After dinner we allowed the girls to shop until the mall closed! You should have seen their faces!!  They loved it!

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