Mall Scavenger Hunt

Mall Scavenger Party -12yr- The Rules!




Shelly in Danville, California, USA


January 2008


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 12th birthday, she wanted to go to our local mall and have a scavenger hunt.  Since she wanted to particpate in the fun, she left the planning up to me.  First, we divided the girls up into two teams.  To make it fair, we drew names out of a hat.  My husband was the designated chaperone of the first team and I was the chaperone of the second team. 

We then went over the rules with the girls:


2) Teams must stay together at all times (even for bathroom breaks)

3) Only one team allowed in a store at a time if you enter a store and the other team is already there, you must relocate


5) Teams must be courteous and respectful of sales clerks, other shoppers, their chaperones, each other, etc.

6) If a sales clerk is assisting a customer, do not interrupt, wait patiently

7) You may only spend the money that has been provided for you no spending your own personal money

8) If you knock something off a shelf, rack, etc, you must put it back in its place

9) You may complete your tasks in any order that you choose

10) Have fun and be kind to each other :) 

Each team was given a clipboard with a pen attached and a printout of the rules and clues/tasks.  Each task was assigned a certain point value.  Each team was also given $50 to spend on the various tasks.  The clues were: 

1)  This coffee bar is a star, but it'll cost you more than a buck.  Got there and buy your chaperone a grande, nonfat, caramel macchiato with no foam worth 1 point Store name:  Starbucks 

2)  Go to the Lancome counter in Macys and ask for a juicy tube sample.  If they don't have any, ask for any makeup sample try to get one for each of you worth 1 pt. each 

3)  Kelsey's (my daughter)favorite store has the initials A & F, Go there, check out the sales racks and buy something cute for her.  DON'T let her see what you choose and don't spend over $15.  Keep your receipt to prove that you didn't go overbudget.  (Kelsey had to stay outside the door with her chaperone while the other girls shopped) worth 1 point Store name:  Abercrombie & Fitch 

4)  Find a store in the mall that sells CD's.  How much does the Carrie Underwood Carnival CD cost?  Write down the name of the store and the price.  You'll get one point for the store name and one point for the correct price (there is only 1 music store in the mall that we visited).   Store name:  FYE 

5)  In the mood for something sweet?  Go to this factory and pick out a treat!  You may each fill a bag with $3.50 worth of your favorite candies.  Keep an eye on the weight to make sure that you don't go over the limit.  Keep your receipt.  You get a bonus point if you use your coupon! (I printed up 20% off coupons on the Entertainment.com website).  This task is worth 2 points 1 for completing it without going overbudget and one for using your coupon.   Store name:  The Sweet Factory (a store that sells candies in bulk) 

6)  This boutique shares a name with one of the girls at the party.  Go to HER store and have each of you choose a $4 item that you wish you could keep.  Keep your receipt.  This task is worth 1 point. Store name:  Claire's 

7)  Ryan Sheckler is a professional skateboarder (and a hottie!).  Go to a store with skate" in its name and ask them to give you each a free sticker or decal.  This task is worth 1 pt. each Store name:  Mainland Skate & Surf 

8)  This store's name contains the bird that is the U.S. National Emblem.  Go there and have a photo taken of all of you with something that shows the store name.  Worth 2 points one for writing down the store name and one for completing the task. Store name:  American Eagle Outfitters 

9)  Who's got a secret?  This store does!  Strike a pose and have your chaperone take a picture of your group.  Write down the store name.  Worth 2 points if you compelete both tasks.  Store: Victoria's Secret. 

11) Find a store directory.  Where is Forever 21?  Go there Icing Pottery Barn and Coach located (the number on the directory)?  Worth 1 pt. each 

12)  Name a store that starts with each of these letters (spell out the birthday girl's name) you cannot use the same store name twice Worth 1 pt. each 

13)  Find a store with 8 letters in its name.  Have a group photo taken in front of this store.  Worth 1 pt. 

14)  After all of this running around you must have worked up an appetite!  Go directly to The Cheesecake Factory and if you're the first group to arrive let the manager know you're there. 

We then had a wonderful dinner and dessert at the restaurant.  While we were waiting for our food we went over the clue lists and tallied up the points.  The teams tied!  Each team also gave Kelsey their gift from Abercrombie. 

When we got home Kelsey gave the girls their prizes an inexpensive cosmetic face mask.  The girls went into the bathrooms and applied these to their faces (great photo op!).  While the masks dried Kelsey opened her gifts.  Then they washed their faces set up sleeping bags had popcorn played truth or dare watched a movie and FINALLY fell asleep!  In the morning after breakfast and as the were picked up they were each given the item they chose from Claire's Boutique and their Sweet Factory treat bag as party favors.   

The girls all had a great time and Kelsey really enjoyed her 12th birthday party!"

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