Mall Shopping Party

Girl's Day (Night) Out - Makeover & the Mall




Olivia in Boston,MA,USA


May 2003


Special Mention

A Girls Day( and Night) Out Party  -  I know the name's really, really long but that's about the only way to put it. Anyway, it was a really fun party so I want other people to know about it. OK-here goes.

INVITATIONS - For invitations, I went to the dollar store and bought three different sized boxes for each girl (I had 3 girls so I bought 9 boxes). Then I wrote all the party information on some pretty paper and folded it up. I put that in the smallest box, wrapped it in wrapping paper, put all of that into the second sized box, wrapped it, putted that in the third sized box, wrapped it, put a little bow on top and dropped it off at each of the girls' house. (They all live locally, but if they don't you could put it in a postage box and mail it).

DECORATIONS - I went all-out on girly decorations. Some of the decorations had to do with the games we played. A rare item that I found were sticky streamers. Every few feet was a strip of white tape. It worked really good. I got it at the local party store but if yours doesn't have it try E-Bay or Amazon. We bought bright colors balloons and we bought 2 Mylar balloons. At CVS (It's like a Rite-Aid) we bought neon silverware and matching cups and bowls( all plastic). We also got a checkered table cloth, but it was bright pink not red. And we bought a piñata in the shape of a giant shoe. Underneath it we put some pretty, glittery fabric to catch all the candy and stuffs on. In front of our house, we put a balloon drop that we bought out of Oriental Trading. It was sooooo fun when it fell!

ACTIVITIES - All the girls arrived at my house at 9:30 AM.  The very thing I did was pass out everybody’s goody bags. (See below to see what I put in them.) My next door neighbor, Mari, is a make-up artist, so she gave us all makeovers and free cosmetics. When that ended at about 11:00, we went to the mall. When we got there we had a scavenger hunt. My mom made lists that had all kinds of free stuff on it like a pack of ketchup from Burger King, an advertisement for earrings, a perfume sample, etc.

At the bottom of the list was the word" OLIVIA"(my name). With the $5 each team, received, they had to find a different item for each letter of my name. (O would be olive, L would be letter, etc.) The winning team got a pack of Spongebob stickers. After that we let each girl pick out one thing from Claire’s. Around two, we left for lunch. We went to this awesome restaurant called Fire 'N Ice. We went to the one in Cambridge, MA, but if you go to www.fire-ice.com, you can see the other locations. This is the best restaurant because you pick out whatever kind of meat you want-just so you know it's still raw-,you pick a sauce and you give it to the man at the grill. They have the largest grill in America!!!

The grill tender cooks you're meat right in front of you. It's sooooo cool!!!!!! And for my mom and 4 girls it only cost us $50! We left Fire N' Ice at about 3:30 and went home. When we got there the girls put there stuff away and we did the piñata. Everybody got bags with glitter on them to hold their stuff in it. Then we split into teams and had a dance contest. Each team was given 30 minutes to make up a routine and then we perform it for my mom and she  scaled them from 1-10. The winners got a CD I burned. After that we had cake and ice cream.

By then it was about 5:00. So we made Scrapbooks. In the invitation I told everybody to bring a pictures (pictures) of: their house, themselves, family members, any pets,  with friends, in shows or playing sports, just hanging out, baby pictures, etc. I also told them to bring any stickers, pretty paper, glue, scissors , etc. Before the party I bought a bunch of stuff too.  The Scrapbooks turned out terrific and the cool thing was that any pictures somebody bought that were really nice, I scanned on my computer so everybody could have one.

That took about three hours, so it was just getting dark - the perfect time to play the Mummy Game. The mummy game is where you see who can wrap their person the fastest in toilet paper, who can unwrap their person the fastest, and who can make the longest piece of toilet paper without ripping it. In each category the winner got an American Girl mini-book. Since all the mosquitoes were starting to come out, we went inside. The first thing we did was change into our pajamas.

Then we had a Pajama Fashion Show. Each girl wrote a short description of her pajamas and then they modeled it to a song of their choice while my mom read the description aloud. After that we did makeovers and hair. We also did toes and fingernails, but I gave it a little twist. We played nail polish hot potato. It’s just like regular hot potato, but when the music stops on you, you paint one fingernail. When all of your nails are done,  your out. The winner got to keep the bottle. We did that with our toes too but first we did feet soaks. The girls goodie bags came in a big bowl. Each girl filled their bowl with hot water and bath salts and sat while we talked.

Then we played nail polish hot potato on our toes. Now we popped in a movie- Drumline with Nick Cannon. We also made popcorn. Previously, I had bought  all different types of popcorn toppings like cinnamon sugar, cheese, hot sauce, butter, etc. The girls thought this was so awesome.

Then we watched The Ring- it was really scary! After the movies, we had a gigantic pillow fight. They’re great to have after movies because they wake you up again if you started to fall asleep during the movie.By then it was really late and my mom called down from upstairs that we should probably go to sleep so we sat and talked till morning. The next day for breakfast we had Crispy Crème doughnuts. Then  all the girls went home except for one. Her and I went to the pool and spent the day there.

FOOD- I told all my friends to eat breakfast before they  came. We kept a huge bag of chips in the car just to munch on. For lunch we ate at Fire N’ Ice. For dinner we had pizza.  For snax we had  chips, tortilla chips, ice cream sandwiches made from graham crackers and cool whip, candy, Oreo’s, chocolate chip cookies, Kool-aid, soda and cupcakes.

CAKE -  The cake we made was sooooooooooo cool. We got three different sized pans and made a three-layer cake. We got white frosting and dyed it pink and blue. Then we put a little boom box, a 12 candle and a mini tube of lipstick and put them on top, we also wrote my name on it. Then on the two bottom cakes we repeatedly wrote Happy Birthday! The cake came out so terrific! I absolutely loved it!

PARTY FAVORS - For party favors we got towel turbans, rubber bubbles,  glitter lipgloss, nail polish, smiley face Frisbee’s, key chain photo albums that say Diva, Spongebob pens, swirly straws and trinket boxers that reflected each girls personality. (Ex. My friend, Demi loves to talk on the phone so I got her a cell phone trinket box. I put all the favors into really pretty gift wrap and put it inside the foot bowl. All my friends  loved my party, and their still talking about it. I hope my party ideas helped you (:

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