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Mall Party -12yr- Mall Hunt & Sleepover




Kat in South Riding, Virginia, USA


December 2005


Special Mention

Okay I've combined a couple of the ideas here on the board, but it's pretty much the same, except from my view.  I did this for my 12th birthday party, and everyone had such a great time! They were talking about it for weeks afterward!  Well anyways, my birthday is in December, so it is sort of hard to have a good "Fun in the Sun" pool party, so I decided to have a Mall Slumber Party one.  This isn't the most expensive or least expensive, it's in the middle, so read on only if this is what your price range will be.  Now I was limited to 8 people to come, so I invited my closest friends.  I sent the invitations out about a week and a half before the party, so more than enough time for them to RSVP and just enough time for my planning and decorating to be finished. 

The invitations were little credit-card's that had "You're Invited to SO and SO's Party" on the front, and all the information on the back (Example at bottom).  We asked everyone to bring a minimum of $5 along with, just so we have more money to spend and buy things.   Anyways I hosted my party on a Friday afternoon, after school (it's the best time)! 

We asked everyone to meet in front of the mall at a certain store everyone knew of.  Once we got there, we split everyone up into two groups, and a chaperone for both groups.  We gave each group $60 (plus a 2 cameras for each group), so $15 for each person, and plus the $5 minimum everyone brought, making it $80 for each group.  Since me and my friends are both big fans of those stores like Pacsun, Hollister, Aeropostale, Abercrombie, etc., we made a different list of different things to buy from those stores.  You would buy things like, a certain color, something fuzzy, something that smells like apples, etc. and take pictures, like your friend wearing a bra, you and your best friend, etc.  You should probably give them at least 2 hours to shop, for the first hour, both groups will pick 4 items off the list (if their is 8 on the list), and then later, you'll switch, so you are with someone else either then your best friend (First hour with your best friend, and two others), and buy the other items on the list at another store.  

After both groups are done you meet up at somewhere in the mall and from there, go home, but get the pictures developed.  When you get home, put on some music, and order pizza (always a good hit), and start a movie, while you may have one (two is much better) labtop (computer) open for online.  About half-way through the movie, bring out the ice-cream/cake and let them help themselves and have one parent go pick up the pictures...you can also go outside and let them play in the snow (if any).  At the end of the movie you should have gotten through a couple of people on the computers, and for the remaining who haven't been on yet, let them play a video game (x-box)...and while 4 people are playing, the rest make scrapbooks out of the pictures brought back(part of the gift bag). 

Have everyone get ready for bed, and start a game of Truth or Dare (whatever) or prank-call (if want to), and let the night go on.  You should probably have all the girls asleep by 2am (I know seems unreasonable, but for 12 year olds, its not).   In the morning, let the girls paint their nails, do their hair, while you cook breakfast up.  Once they're done, let them come and eat, and then get dressed.  At this point it's probably around 11:30am (good time); this is the part everyone LOVES! 

You bring out everything that everyone bought and start by writing out numbers for however many gifts you bought, and put the numbers on the different items.  Then you write the numbers out again and put them in a hat.  First you let the Birthday girl pull a number and they get whatever that number was…Everyone should get two items at least and that's another part of their gift bag (the rest is at the bottom)…now there's about one hour left till everyone leaves, and now you can play outside, serve hot chocolate, play video-games, computer, whatever!!!  When the parents arrive, give them the rest of their favors and that's that!!!  If you want, let your best friend stay over and do something just by yourselves…and that really is that!!!  1. Invitation Information-  For…  So and So  on…  (Spell out the date)  at…  (Time)  On…  (Your address)  Please R.S.V.P. at…  (Your number)  2. for decorations….  Use your favorite color and get throw pillows, balloons, silverware, plates, and other things  DO NOT GET STREAMERS!!! That's my advice, because it just makes everything look ugly…  3.

THE CAKE -The thing you could do for this cake would be to make a tye-dye/winter one, by baking a regular vanilla one, then put different colors of food coloring and squirt it here and there for nice colors….then put little edible snowflakes (if you cant find, then make with frosting), around it, and there you go!!!  4. Music -For the music you should make a mix, of songs that your daughter likes, by burning it onto another a blank one  5. Goodies -The extra ones you can do, is just give them each some candy they like, nail polish, and something else that's cheap…  6. The total price… -Well for the money given to each girl, that would add up to $120 (but it's worth it!) -Dinner, $20 (If you get pizza) -Dessert, $15 (ice-cream and cake mix) -Goodies, $35 -Extra, $35 (whatever you may add)  So the total price is…  225!!!  It's sort of over the limit…but it's worth it, and you and her friends will love spending time with her at the mall!!!!!!!!!!! :)…YouÆll love it!!!  Thank you, and Toodle doo!!! :)

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