Mall Shopping Party

Mall Party -10yr- Shop and Win




Kali in Muncie, IN USA


June 2002


Honorable Mention

I had a mall party for my 10th birthday.  I made the inivites on the computer.  I only invited a few friends, the one's that were the closest to me.  We met at a certain entrance.  We had large cloth bags and we each decorated one the way we wanted. 

We played a game where we had to guess how many stores were in the mall - the closest one got a $5 gift certificate.  We went from shop to shop and bought things..just like a shopping spree.  We only spent 2 or 3 dollars at each place there was a list that we had to use to buy at each of the stores.  We had a tournament in the arcade; mom drew a video game from the bag and we each played it one time..the winner was the one with the highest score won the $5 gift certificate. 

We ate at the pizza place in the mall, we each got a combo meal.  We also looked around the mall, we went in a lot of stores just to see what they had and talked about it.  We had a questionaire that we had to answer questions about the stores like; what color was the uniform of the people in that store, did the workers have nametags, what was in the window, things like that..the one with the most correct answers at the end of the party won a $5 gift certificate. 

The party was so fun, we went where we wanted to in the mall and my mother just waited outside each of the stores for us to come out.  The party was on a weekday in the summer and took 4 1/2 hrs. to have.  Everyone went home with lots of things and we all have a black and white picture of when we were there.  The 4 of us had a blast and I think your daughter would love to have a party like this one to.  Mom says it wasn't that expensive because everyone brung their own money to eat on and it was about the price of a party at a organized place plus a bakery cake.

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