Mall Shopping Party

Mall Madness - Shop Till You Drop




Nancy in Summerville, SC  USA


July 2001


Honorable Mention

Mall Madness Birthday Party - "Shop 'til you DROP" The object of 'Shop "Till You Drop' party is to find the list of items within 1 1/2 hour time period.  Each team is given $25 to spend and a shopping lists.  The first team to successfully locate and purchase items on the list and spend the least amount of money - wins! 

Each team member will be given a shopping bag (found these at Wal-Mart for $1.87 - Muslim bags. We took these bags home and decorated them afterwards with fabric paint and sequins.)  However, only one bag on each team will be filled with the following items:  calculator, pencil, wallet filled with $25, mall map, team shopping rules and regulations, shopping list.

After shoppers complete their lists, meet at the mall "Food Court".  Your team must have some money (at least a penny) left over to redeem for food at the food court.  Rules and Regulations:  remain in the mall, stay with your shopping group at all times, no running, only one purchase per store, must have receipt for all purchases, only one team in any given store at one time, use only the money in your wallet, no one is allowed to use their personal money.  Shopping list could include items such as:  something itsy bitsy teeney weeney, something you wear "under", something that smells like mango, pear or plum, something with "friends" on it, something rough and hard, something with "Mickey Mouse" on it,  1/4 lb. of candy.

A team photo (Every shopper in your group must be photographed by the birthday girls' mom or dad or deemed photographer.  Look around the mall for them.  They will  not be in any stores.)  The 1st team back could win a prize - (each member would receive a gummy pizza candy-goes along with the Pizza they will be having for food at the food court.) 

The cake was a cookie cake from the food court.    This was the easiest and least expensive party I've done.  All the girls enjoyed it as well as the teenagers who were my chaperones for each group.  I used them to direct the girls to the correct store but not to make decisions on what to buy.  For 8 girls, it was less than $100 for cookie cake, $50 shopping money, food, candy prizes, shopping bags, and fabric paint.  Also, as an added bonus, if the girls finished and had time left over, they were to find a beanie baby and bring back.  We put the girls names in a drawing for these at the end of the party.  Each item that was purchased by the team was also given away through the name drawing process.    This was a big hit and hardly any preparation time….

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