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Jo in Honolulu, Hawaii


November 2005


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For my daughters 6th birthday in a couple of weeks she decided on a princess/makeover party theme with the colors of purple, lavender, silver and white.  She invited her ten classmates.  Since she is our 5th daughter we have recruited the help of all older sisters as well as some of their friends.  This will be her first real birthday party with friends rather than just a family one that shes had in the past so my husband wanted it to be greater than she expects! I think its important to set a budget and try and stick with it.

We started out with invitations.  She really wanted these crown cut out invitations we found in the card shop so along with all typical party info we added this poem that I made up because it was a basic generic invitation and I wanted it to be a little more "inviting" My fellow princess, you're SO invited! To my makeover party, I'm so excited! Hair, make up, nails and more Fun with food and a cake 2 die 4! So put on your most fabulous dress  And let my family take care of the rest! 

I wanted parents to know that they should wear a party dress but to expect that they will be playing with food and make up. I also add in info as to drop off and pick up times so parents know these things ahead of time.  From experiences that I have had with my older children where at such a young age some parents may not be used to leaving their child alone so they may prefer to decline the invite or they may want to plan on doing their own errands while their child is at the party.  Also because these are young children I will get parents names and phone numbers  when they drop off and give them ours as well just in case of emergency. 

So we chose to rent the party room in my mothers condo which is equipped with kitchen, restrooms, chairs and tables.  Our decorations have to be outstanding because we are not allowed to attach anything to the walls, doors,etc.  So upon entrance to the room we will have a balloon arch in purple and silver.  They will then start their makeovers with getting their nails and make up done and then their hair done along with their plastic silver crown put on.  Sanitation being an issue to me because I am a hairstylist, they will each keep their own brush and makeup brushes that I found at the dollar store. 

When they are made over we will have a photo session with a back drop of lavender tulle with purple and silver balloons and my niece taking care of pictures.  Any time in between or when they're done they will be at the craft table with my mother and sisters helping them make their food project.  I will have made rice krispie cut in small flower shapes with a popsicle craft stick and they will dip it in white chocolate and then sprinkle edible glitter.  This will be packaged in cellophane bags to take home. I got this idea from this website, on the craft table you can layer several disposable table cloths on top of each other and as each project is done just roll up the top cover and dispose.  Your table is ready for your next activity!

Next project is picture frames with self stick fun foam cut outs, super easy with little mess! Lunch will be served on another beautifully set table.  Each chair will have just one of those disposable table cloths draped over the back and tied with a wide ribbon and pretty bow on the back.  Birthday girls chair will be a special one made by grandma. 

Balloon topiaries made with galvanized steel bucket full of candy as the pot will be centerpieces. Instead of place cards, I found at the craft store these paper mache purses!   This is their goodie bag and place card.  I covered it on the front and back with the self stick foam in white and I added lavender color fur to the top edge as well as purple treasure beads around the frame.  In the picture frame on the front of the purse I will insert their name in a fancy font.  They will find in their purses nail files, lotion and candy jewels.  

The cake is our splurge.  I ordered from a local decorator <www.cakelava.com> a 3D cake in the shape of this purse.  I have full confidence that it will be stunning and delicious! Table ware will be lavender and a plastic goblet for punch.

Food will be very kid friendly.  We will have different kinds of sandwiches made with colored bread in different shades of purple and they will be cut in different sized flower shapes.  My mother has ordered colored bread from the bakeries since my party days.  Just call your supermarket bakery and ask them. We'll also have chips and dip, veg and dip, chocolate covered fruit and ambrosia fruit salad.  And for ice cream with the cake, I will have the ice cream scooped into individual foil cupcake liners the day before to cut down on that time. 

Gift opening will be next and if they have time to complete any unfinished projects they can do that before heading downstairs for pick up.  I have set up a time schedule in 15 min increments of duties for each helper which helped a whole lot with my baby daughters first birthday this past July.  Yes, that makes 6 daughters total that I have! Hope this gives you some ideas for your little princess!

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