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Fashionista Party -13yr- Purse Shaped Cake




Jillian in Pompton Plains, NJ, USA


November 2005


Honorable Mention

Fashionista Party 13 Years Old:

INVITATIONS Look through magazines and cut out pictures of outfits that you like.  Create a fashion magazine by stapling two pieces of paper together.  On the front page, glue your outfits and write or type, "Fashion Weekly" or any title you would like.  On the inside, I put, "Dress up in your coolest fashions and head on over to NAME'S Birthday Party!  When, where, etc. P.S. Bring some fashion magazines that you would be willing to use to cut things out of."

DECORATIONS: Basically any cute color combination, such as lime and hot pink, will do for balloons and streamers, etc.  You can also create business cards that say "GUEST'S NAME: Style Diva" for placecards.  You can create a centerpeice made out of fashionable shoes, stacked on a pile of fashion magazines.  You can also make placemats by glueing fashionably styles onto a piece of construction paper and going to a place like Staple's and laminating them. 

FOOD: Regular pizza and snacks will do, but for the cake, I had a purse shaped cake.  It was a rounded square and I had a green frosting for the body and pink for the flap of the purse.  I took licorace and put it into the cake to make handles.  Then, in purple frosting we wrote on the cake, "Have a fashionable birthday!".

1)Make Your Own Fashions:  Give each guest a white t-shirt and markers, paint, etc. and have them design their own shirt.  You can even model them and walk down a makeshift runway by hanging up a white sheet as a backdroup and setting up chairs around it. 

2)Magazine Scavenger Hunt:  Before hand, create a list of fashionable items, such as Puma Shoes or shrugs.  Have guests go through the magazines they brought and some you provide and have them cut out items as they find them.  The first to find them all wins! 

3)Trashin' Fashion':  This game is sort of like Mummy.  Separate into 2 teams and have one person on each team be the dummy.  Give each team some garbage bags, newspaper, and some twine and give them 3 minutes to create a fashionable look for their dummy out of the garbage! 

4)Fashion Relay Race: Separate into two teams and give them each a suitcase filled with a pair of oversized pants, an oversized shirt, an oversized jacket, 3 necklaces, 2 bracelets, a purse, and a pair of shoes.  On the word, "Go", one person on each team has to open the suitcase and put on everything inside of it, run to the other side of the room, tag the wall, and run back.  She takes off the stuff and the next person has to do it.  The first team where everyone has done the relay wins! 

5)Match 'Em Up: Beforehand, find pictures of styles from different generations and type up the generations.  Cut them out and place them in an envelope.  Separate into two teams and give each team an envelope.  They have to match the style with the generation.  For example, a picture of a girl in a flapper costume would go with the 1920's.  The first team to correctly match them up wins! 

MOVIES AND GOODY BAGS If you want to watch some movies, here are some: The Beutician and the Beast, Brenda Starr, Clueless, and Earth Girls Are Easy.  Goody Bags:  You could put small compact mirrors, lip gloss, and a small brush inside of a small purse.

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