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Make-over Party -7yr- Photo Frame Craft




Carla in Chandler, AZ


September 2007


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 7th birthday, she wanted to have a make-over party.  She loves going to Libby Lu's, but really wanted to have the party at home so could also swim and do other activities you can't do at the mall (and I was happy I knew I could do it for less money). 

For the invitations, I found a clip-art picture of a lipstick, and enlarged it and, in Photoshop, added the party details.  We then printed it on bright pink paper, then added colored glitter to the lipstick part and black glitter to surrounding lipstick container.  They turned out very cute, and several moms told me the girls love the invitations so much that they carried it around, pretending to put on the lipstick.  I then called a local kid's hair salon and found someone who was willing to send two stylists over to do the girls' hair during that part of the party.  I would have loved to have had known someone who could do this, or if I had known had to do any sort of fancy hair styles, but I had to hire someone to come in for this part. 

When the girls arrived for the party, we sent everyone out back where they had the choice to swim in the pool, go on our water slide, or do a painting craft.  We had snacks around, including chunks of watermelon, chips and salsa, and the chocolate fountain and associated dipping foods my daughter was very excited to have me set up for her friends.  At the painting craft, the girls painted little cardboard purses with photo holders in them (found at Joanne's).  I had all sorts of paints, glitter, sparkly gems and markers, and the girls went to town decorating their purses.  After the outside portion of the party, we brought all of the girls inside.  In our dining room, I had set a big table for everyone (16 kids), with pink tulle around the walls and on the table, feather boas going down the center of the table, and a giant lipstick pinata in the middle.  I also found little make-up cupcake toppers which I sprinkled around the center of the table. 

At each place setting I had the girls favors.  I took a square of pink tulle, and in each I included a Bratz mirror (Target), candy lipsticks (Oriental Trading), a rose soap (ebay), sparkly nail polish and a lip gloss mirror compact (party supply store), candy make-up (bought mold on ebay and made these) wrapped in cellophane, etc..  I gathered the items up in the tulle, then wrapped each with a colorful feather boa, around and around with the tulle sticking up the middle (they resembled really colorful flowers). The girls could then put their feather boa on and put the other items in the purse they decorated.  Under each favor, I had a little paper that told them what stations they should go to first, second, third and fourth, so that each station would have just a few girls at a time. 

The girls then had a lunch of my daughter's favorite foods, and I had little plastic wine" glasses from the dollar store at each setting to add a little fanciness to the meal. For the cake glittery lipstick as my daughter had requested.  This was quite an undertaking as I didn't find many ideas on the internet for this.  I ended up making two bread pans of chocolate cake and putting them together.  I then cut the one end to resemble a lipstick shape.  I frosted the cake with white buttercream and the lipstick part with pink frosting then added edible glitter to make it sparkly.  I put pink tulle around the whole cake and added candy lipsticks (made with the mold) around the cake so each girl could take one.  It turned out really cute!  After the meal we moved on to our make-over stations. 

We had a nail station which included all different types of sparkly nail polish nail stickers and rhinestones.  There was a make-up station with sparkly body glitter sparkly tattoos eye shadow and lipgloss (used q-tips for each application for sanitary reasons).  For the hair station I took a very large wall mirror and put it up agains the wall.  I then put two large chairs together and covered them with a sparkly pink beaded dust ruffle from my daughter's bed.  I put a table next to this for the stylists to use.  I had purchased some rhinestones clips and glitter hair spray for them to use and they brought some colorful hair braids to add in to their hairstyles. 

Finally we had a lotion making craft table.  I bought one package of a make-up craft at Joanne's (using the 40% off coupon - $10).  This had lip gloss and lotion making but the lip gloss was going to be too complicated so I bought extra lotion (at Walmart - unscented - much cheaper than the refills for this package) extra bottles (also from Walmart).  The girls could then add scent and color of their choice to their lotion a sticker on the bottle and finally a straw ribbon around the bottle (these were cute!). After the girls completed all of the stations we opened presents and took pictures of everyone all made up with the birthday girl. 

All in all a very fun party and all of the girls had a blast and looked so cute!  We plan to send each girl their picture from the party to put in their purses with the thank-you cards.   "

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