Makeover Party

Makeover Hair -12yr- Denim Bag Craft




Ariane in Wellington, New Zealand


November 2004


Honorable Mention

Makeover Hair Party for 12 Year Old We started backwards with this one. What does everyone love (including twelve year old girls?)The goodie bag at the end!

So when everyone arrived they each received a denim shoulder bag as their goodie bag and they looked great. It was made from old jeans.I cut out the pockets and sewed them together and used the zip from the jeans to make the zip of the bag, and finished with straps from the left over denim material. Then the girls decorated their bags. I had on the table a huge selection of iron on transfers, motifs, sequins, pearls on string, rosettes, diamante stars, glitter star studs, glitter flowers, and every colour of glitter fabric glue. The girls spent ages designing and decorating their bags and it turned out to be a great ice breaker for the girls who didn't know each other.

We then did the usual hair styling thing as I hired a hairdresser to come up and do the girls hair. We set up a room with two stations with mirrors one for hair and one for make up. The hair stylist used glitter pipe cleaners to wind into their hair and accessorised the hair with coloured feathers. They were simple and cheap items but they looked so effective. We did before and after photos. Meanwhile the rest of the group were making items to go in their denim bag.

The girls made their own orange lip balm. They each got a tube and put the computer printed wrapper on which had the ingredients in it, and then they sealed it by putting a plastic sleeve on the tube which shrunk when you blowed dried it. The girls went into two groups into the kitchen and shared out the shea butter, beeswax,mica shimmer, etc which were all in individual packets and all measured out before hand. They mixed it altogether and poured them into the tubes. They loved it and were amazed at the end result which was shimmery and flavoured.

The next item was body glitter. I collected a whole lot of little containers beforehand, like little heart shaped ones etc. Then I gave them all little mixing containers (like the tiny beacons they use in labs. I had a big tube of aloe vera gel, which they squeezed into the containers, and mixed in glitter (I had every type of glitter under the sun!). They transferred their favourite colours into the little heart containers and they popped perfectly into their denim bags.

We had games planned to test out all five of their senses. For sound, play 10 secs of five of the latest songs, for taste it was to try five different types of potato chips with a blind fold on, for sight it was a memory game of 10 teenage items that they had to see for 20 seconds and write down what they remembered. Finally for smell they were blindfolded and had to guess 5 different deodorant sprays and touch was five different goey things, like hair mousse, hair gel, jello, toothpaste and butter. We ran out of time to do all of them though.

For the party food, I made a cake of a head (two cakes made in a round pudding bowl). I used sour worms as the hair, to make a crazy hair style and shaped the face with royal icing and painted the lips and make up with food colouring. It looked great. All the food was in little bite sized snacks. Then before they left I added some other gifts to go in their denim bags, such as a funky notepad, glitter pen, fruit shampoo, beads, and some chocolate. The girls had a great time!

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