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Beauty Night -9yr- Music & Flowers




claire in  Jackson, Texas USA


May 2004


Honorable Mention

Theme:Beauty Night For my daughters 9th birthday we are planning a Beauty Night.  

Invitation:  We purchased litle round metal containers that we will put a powder puff in.  When you open the metal tin you will see the invitation on a soft pink paper.  It will give all the important date/time information. 

Decorations:  At the front of the house will be flower pots with pink flowers in them.  The door will have an arch made of pink balloons.  The music will be on.  We are borrowing a light with an umbrella on it from a local photographer.  We have a director chair to set in a section of the room next to the light.  We have someone from a local department store coming in to explain how to take care of your skin as well as demonstrate how to wear makeup.  We will have a couple of cafĂ© style tables that will have pink tablecloths on them that the rest of the girls will sit at. 

The tables will have makeup and hand mirrors on them. In the dining room the table is covered with a pink tablecloth.  I have cut cardboard stars and spray painted silver to hang over the table.  I have various sizes of mirrors to place on the table.  The center piece is some 3D stars(different sizes) that were actually Christmas Ornaments that now are attached to a small stick (painted silver) and placed in a vase.  

Activity: They will practice putting on makeup as the lady explains how to apply the makeup. After they are glamorous a photo of each of the girls is a must then we have a posterboard that we are going to have each girl make a lip imprint on then we will eat dinner.  

Food:  We are keeping with the girly theme and will have place cards set up at each persons place.  We will have mint tea, lemonade, strawberry soup, finger sandwiches(cucumber, peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese) cut into star shapes.  We have cardboard that has been cut into stars and spray painted silver hung over the table.  For the cake we have a two tiered cake being made.  It looks somewhat like a wedding cake but it has little pink stars around the edge and on the sides.

After Dinner Games:

1. We will have a who has the best lips contest.  We will get the posterboard out and everyone will get to choose which one they like.  That person will get a gift card to get a manicure at a local shop. 

2.  On a piece of paper will be a face each of the girls will be able to apply makeup to the face and the girls will judge who has the best face.  That girl will win a pair of furry slippers. 

3.  We will also have name the lipstick.  The girl that comes up with the best name will win pillow case that has the words Glamour Girl embroidered on the edge.

Breakfast: Strawberry Crepes!  

Party Favor:  When the party is over the girls will be taking home small Pink cosmetic bags that have a lip gloss, a mirror, a pen shaped like a lipstick I found at a local discount store, a travel size body lotion with glitter, a travel shower gel, and a sheet of paper that will give an step by step on how to take care of their skin.  The person from the department store is including a coupon in each of my bags a coupon for the girls mom to have a makeover.  

Thank You:  The girls photo after her makeover will be sent with a note of thanks for being a part of such a wonderful eventing.

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