Makeover Party

Spa Party -8yr- Basket of Treatments




Michelle in Hamilton, Ontario  Canada


Dec 2002


Honorable Mention

We just recently had a Spa/Slumber party to celebrate our daughter's 8th birthday. 

The invitations were printed on fancy paper and rolled into a scroll and slipped through a Velcro roller.  The invitation invited the girl's to an evening of pampering to celebrate the occasion and it listed all the different treatments we would be doing (facials, manicures, pedicures, hair and makeup). 

At a second hand shop I picked up a several white short sleeve men's shirts and a few pastel shades as well for $2 each.  The white shirts were painted with fabric paint to say the name we'd made up for our spa across the back and a felt flower was sewn on the front and these shirts served as robes on the girls.  The pastel shirts were painted with the spa's name on the front and also said staff, these shirts were worn by myself and the 3 other women I recruited to help with the evening. 

The house was transformed into the spa for the night by setting up the various treatments into their own little areas.  A white mosquito net canopy was hung over the couch in our family room which made for a really soft and tranquil effect and lots of candles were lit to help create the ambiance. Relaxation music was playing in the background throughout the evening as well. 

The girls arrived at 6:30 on the Friday evening and were greeted by the staff and given their robe to slip into (we had each girl bring shorts and a T-shirt to wear under).  The welcoming sign also mentioned that dinner would be served in the dining room shortly. Our dining room was all set with glass dishes and wine glasses and of course candles lit.

The girls were served dinner and then we gave them each a basket of items that they would take from station to station to use for the treatments and then they could keep all of the goodies (everything in them came from the dollar stores - there was body lotion, shower caps, nail brush, comb, mirror, nail files, bath scrubbie, and shower gel and a few other items) the girls then put on the shower caps and we took before pictures with a Polaroid camera (no smiling allowed in these shots). We then applied a facial mask to each girl and then as they sat to allow the mask to dry the gifts were opened. 

After this we washed all of their faces and then they were told they could head to the other treatments.  Each of us looked after one specific treatment and I highly recommend having the extra help if you are going to have one of these parties because we were working on the girls for a good couple of hours.  After they were to each station I had several dresses for them to pick from to wear for the after shot. We also had a feather boa to add to the glamour effect. The after shots were great and the girls were so thrilled with their glamorous looks. 

The parents were just as impressed and actually most of the mom's had wanted to stay when they came to drop off their daughters!  After the spa portion was finished all the girls rolled out their sleeping bags in our family room and we put on a movie for them to watch. In the morning they got up and started making each other up with all the supplies they had in their baskets while I made them breakfast.  The girls all had so much fun and my daughter said it was the best party ever. I think that even the women that helped me enjoyed pampering the girls and seeing their happy faces when they saw the end results!!  Definitely a great party to have for girls at this age!

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