Makeover Party

Pre-Teen Makeover - Jewelry Tree Craft




Kelly in Warlingham, Surrey, England


April 2002


Honorable Mention

Pre-teen make-over party with a twist. This is a great idea for a make-over party on a low-budget. Invite numbers small, depending on how brave you are, and how easily you can arrange transport invite around 9-19 of your daughters friends for a make-over party, and sleepover.  The twist is - they have to get their own make-up!!

Split the girls into teams of 3 or 4.If you don't want to leave the girls unsupervised for a bit, you will need to assign an adult to each team. Give each team 10$, and take them to a local super market.  Tell them that with this money they have to buy enough make-up to give each member of their team a make-over.  The winning team gets a prize. 

Tell them that the things they bye don't have to be make-up, as long as they can be used to make them pretty.(Don't them more than this, let their imaginations run wild) for your benefit some examples are  red smarties used as lipstick, felt pens used to give pretty face tattoos(check they are easily washable before you let the girls buy them, anything that can be tied into hair as part of their make-over, and pink cardboard circles, and stick stars stuck onto cheeks!  The girls are given 30-60 minutes (however long you choose) to find their "make-up". 

Then they are put into separate rooms to perform their make-overs. Have cameras ready to take photos - I guarantee there will be some very funny results!!  Give each member of the winning team a prize ( a big bar of chocolate, or other food alternative always goes down well).  For the rest of the evening entertainment, rent some videos, play music, or do whatever your daughter and her friends like. 

For food order pizzas, and make and ice-cream bar(various flavors of ice-cream with sauces, sprinkles and sweets to go on top. 

A great activity for later in the evening, as a break from video watching etc, is getting the girls to make jewelry or jewelry trees. To make jewelry, either bake beads, buy using colored dough rolled into small balls, with a needle or pin sticking through them, then placing them in the oven (buy a book to give more specific details.  These beads could then be threaded onto string.  If this sounds too complicated, simply buy jewelry making kits, including string and beads, and let each girl make a bracelet or necklace. Jewelry trees are relatively easy to make, but you do most of the work.  Buy a small flower pot for each girl. Spray paint it silver or gold, ten fill it with plasticene. 

Find a short fairly thin, but strong twig, with a lot of other smaller twigs coming off it.  You will need one of these for each girl.  You will also need a few different colored poster of acrylic paints (left over paint you have in you garage is fine), some glue, and a few different colors of glitter. 

Each girl should take a twig, and paint it in her chosen color.  While this is drying, she should take a pot, then write the first letter of her name on the pot in glue, then sprinkle glitter on the glue.  Shake off excess glitter, then write the next letter of her name in glue, and so on until her name is written on the pot in glitter.  If the twig is dry, stick it into the plastacine.  The jewelry tree is now finished.  It looks great, and is very practical for holding jewelry(just string a bracelet or necklace over each of the smaller twigs.  These make great party favors.  If you have the energy, it would be great to let the girls sleep over, if not, just send them all home, or have only 1 or 2 to stay the night.

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