Makeover Party

Makeover Sleepover -12yr- Sugar Cookie Invites




Chantelle in Trail, BC, Canada


December 2001


Honorable Mention

12 Year old Makeover/Sleepover Party! For my 12th birthday party I am going to have a makeover/sleepover party! Here are some ideas that I hope will help you:

1. INVITATIONS: I am going to do a "Sugar Cookie Pizza" as my mom calls it. What you do is get a sugar cookie recipe and use it. You make the cookies in the size of a "Personal Pan Pizza" like Pizza Hut. You can cut the cookies into slices if you want or keep it whole. It's your choice. Get Personal Pan Pizza boxes to put them in. For the toppings put red icing and candy toppings of your choice. For the "information" part of the invitation I'm going to put the time, date, etc. on the top inside of the pizza box. On the front of the pizza box I will put, "You're Invited" I'm going to ask my friends to bring their fav. Dress/skirt and shirt, fav. CD's, and their fav. Makeup. Don't invite too many people. Just 5-6 close friends that get along reasonably well together. Remember, you don't need to have a lot of people to have a lot of fun! 

2. DECORATIONS: For my decorations I will hang some balloons in bunches and a few different color streamers around the room. I will have makeup scattered around the room, as well as a lot of pillows, cushions, an inflatable chair, etc. I'm choosing a fairly spacey room so that we have room for dancing, singing, talking and going crazy!!!

3. FOOD: I'm going to order a few pizzas with my pals. We'll have lots of munchies around the room/house like: chips, cheesies, pretzels, ice cream cone cakes,  cookies, pop, juice, trail mix, fruit and veggies, etc. For my cake we are ordering an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, probably.

4. GAMES: For games I think we'll play: \*Digits that Dazzle- arrange different color nail polish like the numbers in a clock. Put something in the middle like a pen and spin it. Whatever color nail polish it lands on that's what you put on. Go around till everyone has Dazzling Nails!!! \*Auctioning: I'm going to give out play money and have a bunch of prizes on a table. Then someone else will be an auctioneer. They will call out the things.  And lots, lots, lots more!!!

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