Makeover Party

Salon Party -5yr- Before & After Pictures




Amy in Pittsford, NY


March 2001


Honorable Mention

Birthday Salon For my daughters 5th birthday

I took a picture of her with my digital camera to use on the cover of the invitation.  I deleted the background on the computer and wrote: "Are you tired of the same old look?  Do you want to have some fun?"  On the inside I had another picture of my daughter in a fancy, frilly dress.  She was wearing jewelry, and her hair was curled, and their were balloons and streamers and I wrote:  It's a make-over at the Birthday Salon! 

I put the date and time and said to call to confirm your appointment (instead of RSVP).  Each girl was asked to bring their favorite dress-up gown. 

We decorated the house with balloons and streamers, and hung a sign on the door that read:  Birthday Salon is Open, Please Come In! 

When the girls arrived, we took "before" pictures with an instant Polaroid camera.  Then we decorated picture frames made out of fun foam, jewels, and beads.  We put a magnet on the back to hang up later.  It was time for nails, make-up and hair. 

Each girl had her hair curled and piled high on top of her head. Colorful ribbons were made up before the party for their hair. 

Next they changed into their gowns and we took an "after" picture.  We placed the before and after pictures in the frames we made.  The girls laughed at the different pictures.  When the parents came to pick up their children, we had a room set up for a fashion show.  One by one the girls showed off their "new look". Everyone had a great time! Title:  Birthday Salon  I left out one detail of the party idea I just submitted. 

For the favors, I gave the girls cosmetic cases that were decorated ahead of time with paint pens.  Each had their name on it, with colorful designs and patterns.  They were filled with lip gloss, nail polish, nail files, a small brush set, and jewelry.  All came from the dollar store.

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