Makeover Party

Hotel Moi Makeover Party -12yr- Luxurious Event




Brittney in Phoenix, Arizona


January 2008


Special Mention

Have the guests dress fancily-- the first event of the night, is a dinner party.

Make fancy invitations and send them a brochure about your hotel. Also, ask them to bring a little gift as well as they're one for the birthday girl, to trade in a white elephant trade.  As each person arrives, have them be greeted by the butler, have him take her coat and purse, and lead her to the Gift's Table. Have them place their gift there, and write a special note to the birthday girl in the Guest Book. Have the butler ask her name and street address. Have him ring a bell, and say: Announcing Miss Catherine Rohrmann, of Bighorn Avenue.

Have the girl walk down the runway to sit on the couch with the other guests. Once everyone has arrived, let the birthday girl get called out. Have the announcer say: Announcing, the birthday girl, and your host for the evening, Brittney Lampert, of Goldfinch Lane! Have all the girls go to the pretend check in center. Have a lady there to act as a secretary. Have her ask each girl for her name and address. Have the girl sign a sheet of a guest list. Have the girl show the secretary her slip she got in the mail, and have the secretary give the girl a room number card, and a map. Do this for each guest.  

After every girl has checked in, have the butler seat each girl at the dinning room. This is the Kim Café. Have the butler give each girl a menu, and give them time to choose what they want to eat. After wards, let each girl recite what she wants, and have the butler scribble it down on a notepad.   After the food has arrived and been eaten, lead everyone to the Gift Area. Seat everyone and open presents. Have the birthday girl say, Now I have a gift for you all!, and let her personally hand out the goodie bags. OR, if you want it a little more extravagant, you can have the gifts in little fake plastic serving lidded platters, all lined up on a side table. (Make sure each individual gift platter, has each girls name taped to it.) Have the birthday girl clap her hands, and have the waiter one by one, present each girl with her goody bag, by gallantly lifting the cover and bowing. It's very fun, and funny that way! But which ever the birthday girl wants is good.

Give everyone a minute or two to open their favors and chat a bit.  Now, have a camera ready. Set up in a small room, a large backdrop. This can be a white or colored tablecloth, pinned to the wall. Set up a stool, and some fun props. Let each girl get some glamour pictures taken. Then take a group photo.  After everyone's finished, have the girls do their white elephant trade. Have an adult go around beforehand, sticking numbers onto the different packages. Has paper slips with the numbers in a bag. Shuffle it, and let each girl draw a number. That's the package she gets. If one girl gets her package, let her draw a different one. Have everyone open her gift.   

Then, it's time to go into the spa tub! Have each girl change into her bathing suit, and have the Hotel supply them with towels and sarongs. Once everyone's changed and ready, pile into the hot tub. Make sure it's not too hot, and remind people if they need to cool off or they get dizzy, to sit on the side. Have a butler come and deliver laminated menus of cocktail drinks. (Non-alcoholic of course!) Once the drinks arrive, provide a side table for a place to set drinks, and remind everyone to be careful about spilling! When everyone seems to be done, get out and dry off. Have the butler supply each girl with a basket of shower stuff. Like: Fresh fluffy bath towels, Loofah, mini shower gels and lotions, shower caps and plastic hairbrushes. Be sure to have a few bathrooms that have showers so a few girls can shower at a time. Our house has 3, so that makes it much more easier! After everyone has showered and changed into their pajamas or comfy clothes, have them pull their hair back into a ponytail and slip on a spa facial cloth head wrap. Time to go to the Ooh La La Spa! 

Have a large room, (By a bathroom!) Set up as a spa. Have a large pretty comforter on the floor, loaded with pillows around the edge. Place a magazine rack by it, and a small stereo playing relaxing spa tunes. (Ballet music is usually nice!) This is the Relaxation Station. Make a sign that say's just that! This is where the girls will sit and relax while their faces or nails are drying, or if they're waiting for they're turn at a station. In the end, they might even just want to hang out there! Next, is the Fantastic Facials station. Set up a little side table close by the Relaxation Station. Equip it with lots of cotton balls, wash cloths, clay face masks, face scrubs, liquid tones, moisturizing face lotions, and cleansers. I recommend these facial products, they work very well, but are also gentle on teen faces:  Cleansers: Dove SkinVitalizer cleansing pillows Scrub: St. Ives Apricot Scrub Clay Mask: got2b in your face avocado Clay Masque Clean & Clear cooling daily pore toner Lotion: Dove Deep Moisture facial lotion All these products are fairly cheep in price, but very high in quality!  

Now set up the manicure station. The Magnificent Manicures. Have a square or round card table with a pretty tablecloth and glitter. Cover that with a clear plastic tablecloth. Set up a bucket of water, a hand scrub, hand towels, cotton balls, nail polish remover, files, nail decals and a many assorted colors of nail polish. Put fold out chairs around it so that the number of girls in each half group has a seat.   Now, have each girl slip on a hair wrap, to protect hair from getting gooky or wet from the treatments. Split the group of girls in half, and pick one group of girls to go first to the facial station. It's best to pick an even numbered group, such as 4, or 6, or 8. No bigger. Have each girl do the process in pairs. Have an adult at this station for guidance, and they can also explain the purpose of each product. First, have them cleanse their skin, and then go to the bathroom and rinse their faces. Have them use a scrub to exfoliate and wipe of with a damp washcloth. Follow directions for the clay masks. Have the group go lay in the Relaxation Station and relax and listen to music while they're masks dry. Give each girl cucumber slices to put on their eyes. Bring in the next group and do the same thing.

When group #2 come back from their facial, ready for their masks to dry, bring back group #1. Have them wash the masks off in the bathroom, and then swipe their face with toner and face lotion. Now, lead group #1 to Magnificent Manicures station. They don't need to really be supervised for that, it pretty much explains itself! Let each girl chatter as they like and paint their fingernails. You can place a sheet of directions, like: 
1.File nails
2.Put small drop of sugar scrub on hands and rub together.
3.Rinse of hands in bucket and dry with hand towel.
4.Paint nails (Ask a friend if you need help!)
5.Add decal.
6.Hang in relaxation Station and let them dry! 

While they're doing that, let Group #2 have some extra minutes in the Relaxation Station to let their masks dry. When dry, follow like before with the rinse, tone, and moisturize. When Group #1 is done at the manicure station and chillin in the relaxation area, lead the girls of Group #2 to Magnificent Manicures station. After those girls are waiting for their nails to dry, let everyone mingle for a bit. Also, if you want it to be extra special, you can either have your Mom, Aunts and adult women friends dress up is spa outfits, and do the spa stuff. Also, you can set up a pretty side table with petite fancy desserts.  

Now, buy each girl a mechanical hand held back massager. Start a massage line! Line up the girls in a row. Have the hostess in the front. Set a timer for 3 minutes, when the bell dings, have the girl sitting in the front rush to the back. Set the timer again and repeat until the host is back at the front of the line.  

Have a room set up with a couch, or a bunch of floor pillows in front of the T.V. Have the birthday girl pick what age-appropriate movie to watch. Make sure she picks a secondary one, just incase someone's not allowed to watch it, or has seen it so many times that it most likely wont hole their attention. Also, set up a kitchen counter with many flavors of ice cream, drizzles, and toppings. Have cute little plastic parfait glasses, and spoons.  Line all the girls up, and let them go down the line, making they're own uniquely delicious concoction. Free, because it's provided by of course, the Lampert Hotel! Prop up T.V trays in the Movie Room, and let the girls enjoy their sundaes while they watch the movie.   Afterwards, lead the girls to the room they're going to sleep in. It can be either your daughters own bedroom, or a large guest room. Clear out things you don't want anyone fiddling with, and set up floor pillows, music, and everything a master hotel suit needs! Good Night! 

In the morning, have a butler slip a breakfast menu under the door. If you have a phone that does intercom, call the Room Service People once everyone's awake. Let each girl take turns coming onto the phone and order what she wants for breakfast. Have the girls get back into bed and wait for their special breakfast in bed! Have the butler serve it. Let each girl get her own little tray wither her food, and have a little vase with one rose on the side for each girl.    *If you want to add an expensive flair to the end that everyone will remember,  rent a limo. Tell the girls to get dressed up glamorously in they're clothes and makeup like they did the day before.

Have them help each other. Supply lot's of fun makeup and hair accessories! Don't tell them about what comes next. When everyone's dressed and go their bags packed and ready to go, have the hotel staff thank them for staying and walk them out the door. Make them think they're being dropped back off at home. When the reach outside, they'll be surprised to see a big, beautiful limo waiting just for them! Have the chauffer open the door for each girl, and supply the limo with snacks and everything fun! Roll down the top and let everyone hang out. Drive around town for at least 30 minutes, so they have time to enjoy the ride. Have the chauffer page in every once and a while, explaining important facts and Monuments about your town. Then, drop each girl off at her home in the limo. Now THAT'S a way to finish a great party!

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