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May 2000


Honorable Mention

AN AWESOME MAKEOVER NIGHT  If you are eager to have a makeover party at a spa/salon, but ARE NOT eager about the price, I have THE answer! Most salons charge about $25 per person for a party, plus a base price of about $100, which is WAY out of reason.

I know many people who paid almost $3,000 for a party at a spa! Yes, a Two hour party!  Well I heard of this place called Sephora, which is supposed to give really high quality makeovers, they have a huge selection of makeup and cosmetics, a really beautiful ambiance and are very reasonable. So I called and they said that they did parties.  You can tell I was over the moon. A makeover party at one of the awesomest places on earth. 

So I set up a date--they were pretty booked up, but I still got one.  I am just ecstatic about my makeover party! 

I got beautiful die-cut invitations, and little clear plastic totes for favor bags with lip-gloss, nail polish, and a hair clip. For food I am going to get the nice party platters from the Giant, and a cake from Sutton Place Gourmet (chocolate mousse).

But if you don't want to spend that much money, here are some alternatives:

-make invites at home, on the computer

-for favors, have your daughter decorate paper cups with markers for each guest. Fill them with cellophane, and then pop in lots of candy and a cheap lip gloss, lip stick, or chap stick. 

-for food, make your own party platters. Get a platter or tray, and arrange fruits and vegetables on it with dip in the middle. Make sandwiches on Hero rolls and arrange them, with a pile of fries or tortilla chips in the middle. Drink soda.

-Bake your own cake and let your daughter decorate it!   To find a Sephora near you, visit www.sephora.com, and scroll all the way down and click "LOCATIONS". 

Have fun! :-)

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