Lord of the Rings Party

Lord of the Rings -7yr- Parchment Invites




Jennifer in San Jose, California, USA


Oct 2003



Lord of the Rings party for children:  Get Grown ups involved (birthday person's Grandpa for example) to be Gandalf, Strider, Lord Celeborn and Galadriel and Ringwraiths.  I'm sending photocopied maps of Middle Earth on parchment-type paper reading "(Birthday person) invites you to join the Fellowship of the Ring on a noble quest across Middle Earth to celebrate Blake's 7th Birthday. 

Meet Gandalf at Number One Bagshot Row, Hobbiton, The Shire at 1pm and wear traveling attire" as invitations that I will seal with a wax seal.  As the guests arrive they pull a character name out of a hat (i.e., Sam, Merry, Pippin, Legolas, Gimli, Boromir, etc) and they meet in The Shire (family room) where Gandalf gives Frodo the One Ring and instructs them as to what their mission is. 

They need cloaks first, though, so they sit at a table and sew cloaks (pre-cut - the kids just whip stitch the hood to the cape with yarn through pre-punched holes).  He tells them to meet him at The Inn at the Prancing Pony.  The kids go outside and play "Tag/keep away" from the Ringwraiths (blindfolded) then "Strider" motions them to huddle with him quietly (under a sign "Inn at the Prancing Pony") as the Ringwraiths will go away if they are quiet.  After the Wraiths gone, Strider tells them "I'm a friend of Gandalf's - I have letters for you"  Each person opens one up and it's a coded message (think Elvish runes) the Fellowship then decodes the letters and finds Gandalf instructing them to meet him in Lothlorien (Had business to do...keep the ring safe...keep it secret...don't use the Ring, etc.). 

On the way, they go through the Mines of Moria, (a maze built with cardboard and painted) and inside are orcs (a poster) and they all take turns using it as target practice using a child's archery set.  They escape from the mines and go on to Rivendell - but on the way Frodo needs help crossing the Ford of Bruinen because the Ringwraiths are back!  Arwen (Blake's sister) helps them across the river (tug of war over a kiddie pool full of bubbles or something)  Of course, the Ringwraiths are foiled and the Fellowship makes it safely to Lothlorien where Lord Celeborn and Galadriel welcome them and offers them rest.  Galadriel asks if they "...desire to look into the mirror, even the wisest can not tell what it will show..." 

As each child looks into a bowl (of soda) they see a different picture at the bottom (which has been slipped underneath).  Then she encourages the Fellowship "do not let your heart be weary…" And she offers them lembas - the famed Elvish waybread (cookies or spongecake wrapped in leaves and tied with Raffia) and water from her fountain (soda)  She then gives the guests gifts from Lothlorien; phials with the light of Numenor, the Elves brightest star (small crystals), etc. (party favors) and the Birthday kid then opens their gifts and they all play.  The end.  My son is very excited (of course, so am I)!

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