Lord of the Rings Party

Lord of the Rings -8yr- Macrame Rings




Krista in Conway, AR, USA


June 2003



Lord of the Rings Party for 8 year old boy.   

For a hobbit hole cake, bake two pound cake mixes in a glass mixing bowl (like would be used for the skirt on a Barbie cake), turn it upside down and frost it smooth beige on the front.  Before turning it upside down, shave the top of the cake smooth so it will sit nice and flat.  Save these shavings for shrubs in front of the hobbit hole. Then  use a grassy decorating tip and green frosting to cover the whole cake with grass.  Use fruit by the foot to make an arched door and a round window.  After covering the "shrubs" with grass, sprinkle with colored flower cake sprinkles. 

Make up an address.  We used 8 Bagout Row, The Shire.  Print that out in an Old English font and stick it on a toothpick to be used as a sign in front of the house. 

Game 1:  Buy 9 gold macrame' rings (about 5" diameter).  Label them with the names of each of the fellowship members (Frodo, Gimli, etc.).  Buy 3 dowel rods, cut them in half and label them as 6 places the fellowship passed through (Bree, Rivendale, etc. ending with Mount Doom).  Drive the dowel rods into the ground in some sort of curvy, journey type pattern.  At the first post (dowel) each party guest tosses the 9 rings and tries to ring Bree.  Any ring that is not a ringer represents a member of the fellowship that cannot proceed to the next location.  So if the guest rings 7 of the 9, he moves on to Rivendale with only 7 members of the fellowship.  The fellowship will continue to dwindle as he progresses, but hopefully, he will have someone who will reach Mount Doom. 

Game 2:  Decorate a large coffee can with red and orange card stock to look like fire.  Label it "The Fires of Mount Doom".  Buy gold key rings (about 10 or 20).  Each guest can pitch rings into the fires of Mount Doom.  Count up winners. 

Game 3:  Melt candies into molds and wrap cheap gold colored wedding rings next to some of the chocolates.  Pass a bowl around the circle of guests that contains a candy for each guest including one with a ring hidden inside. 
The one who has the ring is then out and another bowl can be passed around as many times as is desired.  One problem:  We had 11 kids and those who were left until last couldn't eat any more chocolates!  They just bit into them and threw away the remaining chocolate. 

Game 4:  We used metallic Sculpey clay to design our own rings around cheap metal wire rings.  For supper we had Shire Stew (beef stew) and Cram (crackers).  We made place cards using their hobbit names in that old english font.  We got those from a hobbit name generator found online. 

As a party favor, we passed out the bookmarks that have a small metal symbol attached.

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