Lord of the Rings Party

Lord of the Rings -10yr- Hobbit Hole Cake




renee in Bolingbrook, Illinois USA


March 2004



For my son's 10th  birthday party we planned a Lord of the Rings celebration. When the kids arrived, we had a sword puzzle (based on the shards of Narsil) for the kids to put together. Next the kids decoded words that were written in Elvish that spelled out the phrase "Speak Friend and Enter".

Then we went in the basement to play a variety of LOTR themed games. The games required the kids to try their hands at being Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits and Gandalf the Wizard. We had bows and arrows (plastic ones) for the elves competition and the boys tried to shoot at large posterboard drawings of orcs that were taped to the wall.

Next, the boys threw a cardboard axe (decorated like Gimli's and wrapped with silver duct tape)at the same orc pictures. After that the boys put on hobbit feet (made with two pairs of yellow rubber gloves turned inside out. One pair had the toes drawn on the finger ends and we stuffed the fingers to form firmer toes, the other pair was used to cover the heel end of a pair of slippers. The "toe" pair was pulled over the front end of the slippers and the kids just slipped on the hobbit foot slippers to play. Also we added fake hair to the tops of the slipper feet.)

A path made with masking tape was put on the floor and the "hobbits" had to hop along the path through the dead marshes as fast as they could. For the wizard's game we made "firework" shooters out of paper towel tubes and the boys shot small table tennis balls covered in sparkly garland across the room.

The last game was where the boys threw posterboard rings (cut like rings and painted gold and engraved with the elvish markings) like frisbees into Mount Doom which was built in the corner using gray tablecloths covering stacked cardboard boxes and a red tablecloth cut to resemble lava covering the top box. (There was an opening in the top). After the games, the kids had a live volcano as a centerpiece (made from paper machier and painted like a volcano). It was activated with vinegar and baking soda. For food we served pizza with lembas crust, orc brew (rootbeer) and ale (ginger ale).

The cake was a round mound shaped and decorated like a hobbit hole. We used green icing on the whole cake, then other icing for windows and the round door.

For a party favor we decorated clear plastic picture frames with a green semicirle hobbithole made from heavy construction paper and covered with moss. It had a round door that opened and polariod pictures of the kids went in the backs of the frames so the kids' pictures showed when the door was open. It was a great party and easy enough to create ahead of time.

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