Littlest Pet Shop Party

Pet Show Party -3yr- Pet Salon Area




Amy in Glendale, AZ USA


July 2008


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 3rd birthday, we had a Pet Show Party.  We took the idea from the Littlest Pet Show Game" and expounded on it by making it a reality. 

The INVITATIONS we made a picture of my daughter almost buried except for her face under all of her stuffed animals - a flyer explaining the "rules" went with the invitation.  The guests were instructed to bring their favorite stuffed animal "pet".   When the guests arrived we had them register their "pet".   They gave us the name age male or female etc.  We took their picture with their pet together with the birthday girl with her pet (to be used later for personalized thank you cards). 

Registering everyone made it easy to make a list of who brought which presents for the thank you cards too.  We just added that information to our "Registration" list.  The most unique "pet" that showed up was from a little girl that had just turned three.  She brought her baby glow worm that she calls a fly.  We had everything from a talking panda bear to a very real looking 3 foot long Iguana!  

Instead of trying to herd all the kids into playing specific organized GAMES I had set up several "stations" (also became part of the DECORATIONS) in my living room:   we had a kitchen area for making treats for their pets  there was a "Wellness Check" area with  a computer and all kinds of doctor's utensils to make sure their pet was healthy before the "show" - complete with paper and pencils to fill out their "Wellness Certificate" which had to be presented at the start of the show.  

The Salon area was set up with all kinds of brushes hair accessories perfumes and baby wipes to help make their animals beautiful  and we had an area that was set up with pillows baby blankets etc. in case their pet needed a rest.   We just turned the kids loose for about an hour.  The guests' ages ranged from 2-7 years of age and ALL of them were caught up in the pretend play.  When it was time to eat all the pets went to the rest area to store up energy for the show.

For PARTY SNACKS we made "pigs in a blanket" (hot dogs wrapped in biscuit dough and baked) "pet show punch" (completely made up but the kids just know how to "go there" with you) chips and grapes and watermelon balls (every pet needs toys-hence the bowl of balls.  My husband didn't make the connection poor man but the kids understood it right away.  lol.)  Our CAKE was actually the little Westie Cupcakes from the HELLO CUPCAKE! book by Alan Richardson and Karen Tack.  Another big hit! 

When it came time for the "Pet Show" we had the kids line up their pets leading to my coffee table that had a "stage" set up on it.  We spread out a leopard print sheet for the kids to sit on.  We improvised what to say about each pet (the registration list helped).  The kids laughed and clapped often during the show.  But in the end our "judges" had trouble deciding which pet to give the awards to (wink-wink).  So I yelled out "I know we'll consult the book!"  "Ah yes the judges said, the book!" 

Then we read the book BISCUIT GETS A PRIZE by Alyssa Satin Capucilli.  The kids provided the dog "woofs" on cue as we read.  In the end Biscuit gets the award for #1 friend.  Problem solved!  Everyone got a treat bag (FAVORS) complete with a trophy in it for their #1 Friend!  Many gasps and "oohs" and "ahhs" from the kids accompanied this part.   We had this Pet Show Party at the beginning of this month and the kids are still talking about it showing off their trophies and bragging about how well their pet did at the show!...even the little "fly".  "

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