Littlest Pet Shop Party

Littlest Pet Shop -3yr- Bird Feeder Craft




Desirée in Corvallis, Oregon, USA


March 2008



I decided to do a Littlest pet shop birthday for my 3 year old daughter because most of her friends are boys so I wanted to pick something both boys and girls would like. We invited 10 boys and girls between ages 2 and 5. Because of the rain we did everything inside and moved from station to station so I didn't have to clean the areas before we moved to each activity.

INVITATIONS: For the invitation I ordered the LPS invitation and used the poem from another person's entry. Jasmine loves Littlest Pet Shop but you don't have to like them to have fun--here's a clue... A pretend pet shop awaits you crafts games galore.  A bunch of "littlest" foods and so much more!  So come on Saturday ######## from 4:30 to 7:00 at ### #######--We can't wait to see you!" I printed it on colored paper and glued it inside. It gave it a more personalized feel.

DECORATIONS: For decorations I hung Pottery Barn flowers from the ceiling but I think there are flowers on Martha Stuart's site that are easy to make out of lunch bags. I used the LPS plates from Celebrate Express with a plain tablecloth and hot pink clear plastic cups. I got dog dishes from the dollar tree (alternating blue and green) for cake and ice cream. The kids wore party hats with paw prints on them. I wanted to attach dog ears to them but didn't have time.

SNACKS FOOD and CAKE: I had mini sized snacks on the table for the kids. There was mini M&M's Mini animal crackers mini marshmellows mini oreos mini chocolate chip cookies gummy fish Dog food (Cocoa puffs) and Kitty food (fish crackers mini size and star fishes). The kids also ate mini corn dogs and Bagel Bites pizzas with half can sodas. The parents were served pizza and vegi-tray vegis. For the cake we just put some of the LPS toys on top of the cake and we matched the frosting colors to the toys.

ACTIVITIES and GAMES: For the activities I went on the LPS website and printed out personalized bookmarks and door hangers for them to decorate with LPS stickers. I also printed out coloring pages for them to color. The kids also made bird seed feeders by spreading peanut butter on bagels and dipping them in birdseed. They can be stuck onto the branches or you can string a ribbon through them. The kids also played a kitty litter game where they dig cards out of kitty litter (tootsie rolls and oatmeal). The cards had puppy commands on them and the kids had to act them out.

Then they got chocolate coins to spend at the littlest pets shop We just let them keep the coins though. My daughter loved that game and wanted to play it even after the kids went home. At the Littlest store the kids got to pick out two pets and accessories. Then they got a certificate to go with their pet adoption. I made the certificates based off the Build-a-Bear adoption certificates.

PARTY FAVORS: For the party bags I got plain purple bags with handles and printed the kids names on paper and attached them to the bags. Then I decorated them with LPS stickers. Inside their bags I put LPS coloring books (that I got at the dollar tree) crayons Boxes of animal cookies LPS cat containers full of jelly beans play dough LPS notebooks and tootsie rolls (kitty poop).

The party moved very fast because the boys weren't very interested in the crafts so I recommend not going over 2 hours. They mostly just wanted to play with toys. My daughter loved her birthday and even one of the boys wants to collects the Littlest Pets now.   "

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