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Littlest Pet Shop Party -7yr- Paw Print Invite




Angela in Salt Lake City, UT USA


January 2009


Special Mention

My daughter is obsessed with Pet Shops and wanted her 7th birthday party to have a Pet Shop theme. We search the internet to come up with ideas. She invited 7 friends totaling 8 party guests.

INVITATIONS: I always like to hand make my invitations. When you put effort in a really cut invite it makes the kids even more excited for what the party to come. I took pink card stock and cut out a paw print a little bit bigger than the size of my hand. I glued the paw print on blue cardstock and cut around the largest points of the paw print (not quite a circle). At the top corner of the paw print I punched a hole and attached a small colored dog bone treat with some netted pink ribbon. I also attached to the ribbon and placing it on top of the bone a small circle about 1 1/2 inches wide made from the same pink cardstock as the paw print. I place one Pet Shop sticker in this circle.

On the flip side of the paw print I put paw print paper from a scrapbook store with a smaller piece of white on top. This had all the info and read Alyssa loves Littlest Pet Shops and you may too but you don't have to like them to have fun--here's the clue A pretend Pet Shop awaits you Pinata games galore. You'll even adopt a new little pet and so much more! So Join Us as we Celebrate Alyssa turning 7 on Thursday March 20th from 2-4. Address/RSVP. It's sure to be a Pawfectly Good Time. 

DECORATIONS: I made the same paw prints as the invites but smaller and placed them on the sidewalk leading up to the door.  I also attached 3 balloons on each side of the railing on the steps up to the porch. I used purple pink and blue balloons. Inside I had more balloons and streamers to match. The streamers came from each corner into the center of the room with more balloons. I bought a Pet Shop birthday banner to hang up. We also went on Littlest Pet shops website and used the coloring book feature. I let my daughter click and point to color about 15 different animals then printed and cut out. We placed these all over the walls. The dining table had a Pet Shop table cloth Her Cake lots of her pet shops down the middle with some jelly beans scattered around.

CAKE: Not having a Pet Shop cake available at the time I made my own. I baked a 9 x 13 cake and used bright green frosting. I went through and found some cute Pet Shop stuff to put on top. She had the birthday set that worked perfect for the top of the cake. I then took some purple frosting to make a few  small paw prints on top.

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: When the girls arrived they played in Pet Shop Groomers and Vet Clinic. I set up a Pet Shop with a register stuffed animals dog food and treats Hamster cage shopping carts play money etc. The Groomers I took my baby bath tub play sprayer from play kitchen hair brushes ribbons spray bottles etc. The Vet Clinic had a waiting area and then I used a changing table and gathered all the play doctor toys and some scrub tops. Each area was properly labeled. The girls absolutely LOVED this. It was perfect because it gave them something to do till everyone arrived and allowed me to finish any last minute things.

Next we played several games that represented different animals. Doggie Doggie wears your bone? This was a treasure hunt that left riddles for them that would lead them through the house till they found the doggies bone. This was returned to our dog for a treat for them a dog bone shaped lollipop. I then gave each girl a pet shop party favor bag so they had a place to store prizes from the games.

Next bunny egg hunt. This was easy because it was close to Easter and found some pet shop eggs filled with candy.  To determine the order of which kid got to go 1st 2nd etc  I took more dog treat bones and attached numbers. If any game involved taking turns we drew numbers to determine the order with b-day girl always first.

Next Cat Tails attach a string that has a balloon on one end to their belt loop or around them. I used curly ribbon. They have to try and pop each other's balloons without getting there's popped. 

Next Herding Sheep I blew up a bunch of balloons all sizes. I bought two plastic kid size rakes from the dollar store. We did two teams and they took turns relay style to see who could get the most sheep in their basket.  Last game was Dig doggie dig I had a huge container full of rice with more small done bone hidden inside. I placed socks on their hands and they had to dig to see how many they could get in 30 sec. Each team or person that won got to pick out some candy from a huge basket of candy.

Once the games were all over it was adoption time. Each girl got to adopt her own pet shop. We had each girl name them and received a certificate. Then they all made a house for their pet. I bought some small decorative boxes from Michael's wedding isle. It had handle that I cut off and had craft items to decorate them i.e.  Foam stickers pipe cleaners glitter glue pom poms littlest pet shop stickers etc. Last but not least the Pinata! My daughter loves them. I couldn't find one so I made one. I printed a pet shop off their website and blew it up pretty big to use as the front. I decorated a box with tissue paper to match and placed the picture on top. I used curly ribbon to dangle below and all around. My daughter was so impressed that I could make a pinata.

Cake/Ice Cream followed then opening presents. I found that kids are not so interested in eating real food and just stuck to cake and ice cream. They all left with a doggie bag filled with puppy chow or muddy buddies found on Chex cereal. The doggie bags were the Chinese to go boxes in pink blue and purple bought from Michaels. They also got to take home their new pet shop it's house they made and all the treats they earned and gathered from the games. All the work was worth it because it was a blast! "

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