Littlest Pet Shop Party

Littlest Pet Shop -5yr- Toss A Dog Bone




Kerry in Pottstown, PA  USA


February 2008


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 5th birthday, she wanted a littlest pet shop party.  She loves the cute bobble-head toys. 

I bought her a Littlest Pet Shop shirt off of ebay to wear the day of her party.  For her party, we turned the living room into a pet shop.  The night before I pushed everything to one side of the room and on the other side I transformed it into a pet shop.  I bought poster board at the dollar store and using markers I created 4 animal habitats.  The hamster/gerbil cage with a wheel, water bottle, etc.  The reptile cage was drawn with logs, a pond, etc (did similar stuff for the other 2 habitats). 

Then we went to the littlest pet shop website and printed out the coloring pages of all the animals which we colored and then glued onto the poster board.  It looked awesome and it was something my daughter helped me with.  We taped these to the wall, along with a littlest pet shop poster that we already had.  Then we used our dog's travel cage, cleaned it out and filled it with 10 beanie babies that I got at the thrift store.  We named each one, and gave it personalities.  The kids loved it and added to the descriptions. 

Next I placed a banner in the walk-way that said Taya's Pet Shop".  This was our adoption center.  We had the kids (ages 1-13) pick a number from a basket to tell which pet they were to adopt glued stuff on to used foamiesstampers etc.. Basically everything we had in my daughter's craft bins we threw into a dress shirt box - organized though.  The kids had a ball with this we couldn't tear them away from it to continue with the "adoption".  Then we had the kids decide if they wanted to keep the name or change it.  I bought key tags from an office store and had the kids write the name of their pet on it and then tied it around the animals neck with yarn for a pet name tag. 

Next we had adoption certificates already done with little pet shop characters basically stating that they adopted their pet on this day and such and then we had a ceremony where they raised their right hand and swore to take care of the animal. Then my daughter went to each certificate and signed it (as the pet store owner) and stamp it with a paw stamp that I bought at the dollar store.  The kids all took their animal home in the pet carrier with the certificate.  

Next we played a game where I hid small dog bones throughout the first floor and made the kids act like dogs on their hands and knees barking to find the bones. 

The next game we had the kids throw dog bones into a dog bowl to see who could get the most to stay in the bowl.  Then we had pet shop animal charades and lastly pet shop simon says.  For kid prizes it was easy to find various Little Pet Shop items from Hasbro for under $2.  I got Little Pet Shop(LPS) lollipop with keychains LPS craft kits even LPS stickers and pens.  They loved the games and prizes. 

For the adults we filled a goldfish bowl which I got at the dollar store with the Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers and had them guess how many was in the bowl.  The winner kept the bowl and also got small gift certificates.  We also had a Pet Trivia Quiz which the adults and kids loved.  I got the trivia questions and answers from the National Geographic site. 

For decorations I used the LPS party streamers balloons and banners.  We had various food but what I did was buy Scooby Doo graham cracker dog biscuits and placed them through-out all the tables to look like we were feeding dogs. It was cute when the toddlers were walking around grabbing them and eating them. We bought a Littlest Pet Shop cake from the Bakery.  Lastly to keep the kids entertained we plugged into the tv a Littlest Pet Shop video game they took turns playing. 

The treat bags were also Littlest Pet Shop and I filled them with various LPS stickers candy animal crackers goldfish packs and coloring pages printed out from the Hasbro site.  She kept saying it was the best party she ever had so I hope this helps people cause Littlest Pet Shop is an theme that's hard to find info on."

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