Lilo and Stitch Party

Lilo & Stitch 5yr - Lilo Limbo




Michelle in Duluth, Georgia


Oct 2002


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's fifth birthday she wanted a Lilo and Stitch party.

For decorations we had a little kid's playhouse that became the "tiki bar" with grass to represent a tiki hut.  I found nine foot palm trees that we were able to put around the patio and a surfboard.  On the patio I put down blue tarps to represent water and put a raft in the middle of the ocean.  The children "jumped" into the water to put their gifts in the raft.  I also put confetti with fish all over the tarps. 

We lit tiki torches all around the yard and as the guests arrived my daughter greeted them with leis and name tags with their name in Hawaiian.  She then gave each of the girls a grass skirt, leis, anklet, and head piece and each of the boys got a beachcomber hat and a leis.

Once the children were "dressed" we sat down at the table (which I had gotten cream tableclothes to represent sand and put confetti with palm trees all over the tables)and decorated sunglasses with sequins (we used Tacky glue). 

While they were drying we had the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack playing and kids took on limbo.  They loved it.

After limbo we were off to eat--we had found "luau" skewers and served ham, pineapple,and cherries.  I had also made chicken skewers with pineapple, cherry tomatoes, and peppers.  I then placed them into a pineapple--too cute.  I also made fruit skewers with canteloupe, honeydew, cherries, pineapple, mango, and papaya and also placed them in a pineapple. 

For munchies, I put Goldfish in one sand bucket and in the other sand pail I put oyster crackers which I had poured melted butter over and then poured dry Ranch dressing mix and mixed it up. I bought individual servings of ice cream and put those in a big sand pail and carried them around to each child. 

After we were all through eating we "jumped" into the ocean and my daughter got in her raft and started opening her gifts--to "wipe out".  We even spotted a "shark". 

Once we all got out of the ocean successfully, we went to the table to make candy sand (the kids couldn't go home without any sand!!!).  I purchased 9 inch tubes and had different colored candy sand and they got to fill their tubes up with different colors of sand--what a hit!!!! Another game we played was ring the flamingo.  I had borrowed two flamingo yard decorations and the kids lined up in two lines and they raced each other on throwing the hula hoops to see who could ring the flamingo the quickest. 

We also had a palm tree that we drew off of posterboard and cut "coconuts" out of brown construction paper and blindfolded the children and they had to pin the coconut on the palm tree.  The children also enjoyed a hula hoop competition. For the final hoorah we taught the children a hula dance from the hula dancing for children video. 

The parents are still talking about what a hit the party was and how well it went!!!  We had a blast--I think this was the best one yet!!!!

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