Lilo and Stitch Party

Lilo and Stitch Luau 4yr - Make Flower Leis




Kim in Cumberland, ME


Jan 2003



My 4 year old daughter wanted a Lilo and Stitch party this year.  I decided to place more emphasis on the "Hawaiian" part and make it a luau.  Since we live in Maine and her birthday is in January this was not easy!  We cranked up the heat and told everyone to dress for the tropics!  Fun way to beat the January blahs. 

1)  made leis out of felt flowers (I cut them out in bright colored felt and punched holes in the middle ahead of time) and fruit loops.  This was great because the boys couldn't argue with candy. We just used yarn with tape around the end for easy stringing. 

2)  made grass skirts out of strips of green felt with holes at the top--the kids laced twine through them. 

3).  Sand art--bought colored sand from Wal Mart and a bunch of plastic travel bottles (about $.50 each).  We brought in our plastic pool and set it right in the middle of the living room--2 kids at a time could sit in the pool and pour sand into the bottles (using funnels)--my husband called them "Hawaiian sunset in a bottle." 

ENTERTAINMENT:  We found two 6th grade girls who knew the hula and they came and danced for the kids.  They did 3 songs and then taught the kids a few steps.  Then it was free dance to the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack, and then our Jimmy Buffett collection!  Even the boys enjoyed it, especially when I gave them instruments to play. 

FOOD:  I bought a lot of exotic fruit--star fruit, papaya, mango, etc. as well as strawberries and grapes and set out bamboo skewers so they could make their own kabobs. 

For the cake, I got one from the store decorated like a beach with palm trees, and put on my daughter's Lilo and Stitch action figures that she had got from McDonald's last year! 

GOODY BAGS: We almost didn't need any because of all the crafts, but I did end up giving them each a strip of Lilo and Stitch stickers and a little bottle of "tropical" bubbles that I found at the party store.  The party was a huge success and all the parents who stayed (God Bless them!) had a great time dancing and making crafts too!

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