Lilo and Stitch Party

Lilo and Stitch3yr - Pin the Coconut




Sandra in Sacramento, CA USA


July 2002


Honorable Mention

Disney's Lilo & Stitch, Hawaiian/beach theme, 3yr old & family party (July party-indoors at park, combined with Disney's new movie, and coincidentally themed with relatives visiting from Hawaii) 

Decor -Everyone greeted with poly-lei as they arrived.
1) Hawaiian music playing in background.
2) Printed Lilo & Stitch pictures on transparency paper for window decor.
3) Luau wall decor (tiki masks, fish, Aloha banner), palm tree garland around room.
4) Outside of door had big Aloha sign and streamers around.
5) Lilo & Stitch plates, napkins, cups, also solid colors 
6) Gift table -blue tablecover on floor with paper fish taped on, kids size raft on top with silk leis tied to the sides. daughter sat in raft while opening presents. 
7) Tables -Lilo & Stich table covers (for food buffet and kids table)
8) Eating tables covered with cream colored (representing sand) tablecovers
9) scattered confetti (palm trees & fish) & shells on table.
10)Small party favor located at each sitting area (Mauna Loa choc. covered mac nuts (3) & 3 plain macnuts wrapped in colored cellophane tied with raffia).
11)Centerpieces: REAL Anthirium flowers & Ti leaves (from my grandmother's flower farm on the big island) and fold-out luau centerpieces (pineapple, palm tree, surfer, hula girl). 

Food & serving d├ęcor -Large acrylic serving tray with tropical flower design for plates & napkin wraps (utensils wrapped in napkin & tied with raffia)
1) Flower shaped platter-every other petal section had veggies & small PBj sandwiches, center had macadamia nuts
2) Med. Size sand pail: 'Hawaiian Bread' brand sweet rolls
3) Large plastic serving bowl w/ silk lei wrapped along edge for fruit
4) Med size sand pails: chips, shovel for scooping
5) Small square shape pail: filled w/ ice & shells and dip container placed on top, shovel for scooping
6) Small fish shaped platters: for sushi
7) Other foods: bbq ribs, rice, potato salad, lumpia(Filipino style egg rolls), pork pancit(Filipino style chow mein)
8) Drinks: sodas, bottles of h2o, Hawaiian punch

Games (after lunch)
1) pin the coconut on the palm tree
2) sand & shell art creations for child to take home
3) hot coconut (like hot potato)
4) big sand pail filled with bubbles & lots of wands to play outside
5) beach balls around the room to bring outside (for the fast eaters or not-hungry ones)

Goodie bags: Lilo & Stitch loot bag w/ pencils, erasers, small notepads, tropical stickers, indiv. Sunblock  

CAKE  -thank goodness my mom loves to decorate!  White cake (sheet size), Lilo & Stitch bobble toys from McD's (Lilo in hula skirt & stitch in Elvis-wear), palm trees, handmade icing plumeria flowers, blue frosting for h2o, brown frosting for beach, light sprinkle of brown sugar (didn't want the cake too sweet).  Cake had thin layer of pineapple under frosting (YUM!)  and that was that. Whew!!!

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