Lilo and Stitch Party

Lilo & Stitch 3yr - Hawaiian Music




Lori in Pottstown, PA


May 2005


Honorable Mention

I did a Lilo and Stitch/Hawaiian birthday party for my twin 3 yr olds. What a success it was! I started planning months in advance.. like 4 months before. I bought things as I saw them a little at a time. predominantly at Dollar Stores....some things at CVS.

My menu consisted of spiral ham, chinese chicken salad with mini rolls, pineapple pudding.. a side dish not a sweet dessert, blanched asparagus with a lemon herb dip, fresh greens salad with mandarin oranges, strawberries, nuts etc. I had chicken nuggets and sweet and sour sauce and bbq for the kids.. also cut up celery and carrots with ranch dip too. My hor devores were... hot crab dip, cheese and crackers, nacho chips and pineapple salsa, fresh fruit tray with cantelope, honeydew melon, strawberries and pineapple with a fruit dip, multicolored goldfish crackers, gummy sharks, runts, etc for the kids.

For drinks, pina coladas, fun tropical Bartles and James wine coolers and wine and beer for the adults, surf cooler juice boxes for the kids and flavored fun flavored selzers and ice tea.

The cake was just adorable.. I found a fun picture of a Lilo and Stitch cake online and printed it.. brought it to a grocery store bakery who makes excellent cakes and the replicated it to the t! So cute.. I had bought a fun topper set for the cake too.. so I just placed those on top.. it looked like a hawaiian beach scene with Lilo in a grass skirt get up, Stitch, a surfboard and palm trees... it was so cute.. and everyone commmented on how great it looked.. the cake was marble.

We had a ton of games...pin the coconut on the palm tree, fishing game, seashell search in the sandbox, pass the beach ball, the kids played on the swings and just had a great time. We all dressed up in a hawaiian theme.. hawaiian shirts, shorts, flip flops, flowers in our hair, leis etc....so fun. I really got into the decorating.. used Oriental Trading, Dollar Tree and Dollarland, and CVS for alot of my fun stuff. I made my DR into a fun luau party table scape, complete with all the fun hawaiian stuff you could think of.. oh and I also got various Hawaiian music cd's, the Lilo and Stitch Island Favorites and steel drum and carribean type music.. and beach boy type music.. everryone loved it and really felt like they were in a tropical paradise.

One other touch I did.. I bought Hawaiian breeze room spray and it smelled just like coconut, pineapple and papaya.. so great! One other thing I did.. I had this nifty gadget that played ocean sounds.. so I had that going in the background with the music.. the kids watched LIlo and Stitch of course.. and I layed out all our fun beach blankets for them to feel like they were at the beach. I had all kinds of fun prizes for them to win after the games.. everyone won really.. 

I decorated outside myhouse on my front porch with a fun blow up palm tree, a beach chair and beach umbrella, a colorful pail with sand in it.. and on the driveway I used colorful sidewalk chalk and wrote ALOHA and drew a huge palm tree with flip flops leading up to the front door. I also used Lowes for fun flip flop appliques for the hallway leading to the luau room where we all ate. I decorated with pineapples, fun straw beach mats on the table over a sea green tablecloth.. scattered fun little seashells and fish with hawaiian shirt candles on the table.. set the table for everyone to eat like a real luau.. I also taped dark blue, light blue, sea green and teal colored streamers in the entry way to the luau room like an ocean feel..

Everyone kept commenting on my d├ęcor and how  much it looked so cool.. And it did. I only bought ONE Lilo and Stitch mylar balloon and used it on the main table as a center piece.. Around the food.. I also found fun wind socket type hanging fun decorations for outside.. With flamingo, pineapple and fish on them with streamers.. The house looked great.. Outdoors on my deck.. I sortuv just put out beach umbrellas for anyone who want6ed to sit outside.. Oh and we also did a hula girl pinata game too.. I really went all out.. And it was worth every penny and I had such a great time planning this party.. I would do it again in a heartbeat! Have fun if you decide to do it. Oops forgot.. The invites.. So cute.. Hawaiian shirts from Oriental Trading..

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