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Stitch Party - Aloha Bingo




Renee in Fair Haven, MI


December 2005


Special Mention

My daughter didn't want the usual Luau associated with Lilo and Stitch so we did something a little different.  We had an experiment party. 

We started by sending out invitations from with Stitch's picture on top and a letter inviting each child to attend Professor VanSmeagelslopp's first time on earth making an experiment.  We turned our garage into a labratory (Jumba's Lab) with an experiment table(will explain later), and another long table for activities and eating.  I, Professor VanSoopermomm (mom), wore a lab coat and safety glasses as did Professor VanSmeagleslopp (dad). 

My oldest daughter greeted the children at the door with a Lei and said "Aloha".  I explained to each child as I took their coat off that they need to go see the security guard, Officer Barb (sister-in-law) to have a name tag for access to the lab.  A photo would also be taken with the birthday girl for later Thank you cards, but we told them for identification purposes if something happened in the labratory.  I drew 2 large pictures of Stitch, one of him holding his nose as to say "it stinks" holding a sign that had LAB on it with an arrow pointing towards the garage.  The other picture was of Stitch coming out at you with his eyes green from Stitch Has a Glitch.  Both were made of poster board and cut out making them look 3D.   

First we fed the children.  We had Pizza with ham and pineapples and ham and black olives.  I also had tropical fruit for their side dish.  The each received a coconut plastic cup with lid for their drink and their drink was called coffee.  After all the children ate, we played our first game, Pin The Eye on Pleakley.  Another picture on posterboard was drawn of Pleakley but without his eye.  Each child received an eye with tape on the back while a blindfold was placed around their head and so on for the game.  The winner received a ribbon. 

The next game we played was Aloha Bingo.  The Bingo cards made off the computer had 12 words on their associated with Stitch like Alien, Dog, Bad, Blue, 626, and so on and 3 squares had a picture for a free space.  We used pennies as the markers and played coverall Bingo 3 times.  The winner of the 2nd game received a ribbon as their prize.  The third and final game was Hoop the Tiki, where I had 5 Boxes stacked in different directions on top of one another and placed pictures printed off the internet of characters from the movie and television series.  Then it was time for cake.  We had a Lilo and Stitch cake bought at a local bakery along with the birthday girl's favorite icecream.  Next we did made magnets using again posterboard and a strip of magnet tape cut up and self-flued to each magnet.  They were shaped as guitars and surf boards and the children decorated them with markers, pencils, and crayons. 

Now it was time for the experiment.  My husband had two 2x4's set nailed together, then one more about 4 inches from the other 2.  They were all nailed to a 5x6 piece of plywood to make a counter top.  This was placed on horses, then using old sheet to cover it.  The reason for the 4 inch gap?  We bought a fog machine and placed it under the table.  I used a Christmas tree topper container that was clear colored and it was taped over the 4 inch gap.  This was the Experiment Containment Jar.  A plastic pipe was duct taped from the fog machine to the container which is open on the bottom and closed on the top.  My oldest daughter was underneath not seen with a hand puppet waiting for her cue.  My husband had glass beaker filled with water and different colors from food coloring.  He had to glass containers, one had crushed Alka-Seltzers and the other Baking Soda.  There was a plastic jar of vinegar waiting with the label "Not Water" on it. 

The Professor explained that he was not from Earth so he could not read our language.  We had a posterboard of Jumba's Notes behind him emphasing that he shouldn't add Chemical X (Alka-Seltzer mix).  The Professor mixed a colored water solution with some baking soda and it foamed up to the top then he placed a piece of tape over the top and said that the gases from the reaction were heading to the containment jar.  The beakers had small lab piping that attached themselves to the containment jar, but cutting small holes in it.  He proceeded to add Chemical X even though all the children screamed no to another solution(baking soda) and it also foamed up and was covered with tape. 

The last step was adding the "Not Water" (vinegar) to the Chemical X(Alka-Seltzer) and it accidently gets into the beaker with the piping going to the chamber.  That's my daughter, whose under the table's signal to turn on the fog machine.  Mist comes up to the chamber filling it up as my daughter puts her hand in the puppet and makes it appear in the chamber from below.  The last craft we did was make our own experiments.  Using warm water we filled up clear plastic cups with warm water and had small grow capsules in dixie cups.  The children placed the capsules in the water and in about 3 minutes the capsules opened to reveal dinosaur sponges for each child to take home.  Each child received a take home package. 

For the bags I used brown paper bags and printed out a picture of Stitch dressed as Elvis.  I cut out each Stitch and glued them to each bag.  I used letter peel off stencils and spelled out each child's name and placed them on the bags as well.  Inside, they had Starburst Tropical squares, Tropical Fruit Roll-ups, Aloha bracelets, Small Surf Notepads, Prisms, and Sugar Stix.  The party was a huge success and every child went hope with a smile and memories.

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