Lilo and Stitch Party

Lilo and Stitch 5yr - Create a Beach Bag




Michelle in Friendswood, TX  USA


January 2005



For my daughter's 5th birthday, she wanted a Lilo and Stitch party. We invited eleven kids to our indoor winter luau. 

DECORATIONS - I hung pink and orange balloons all over the rooms.  My husband brought home two Lilo and Stitch mylar balloons from The Party Store. I cut out the letters A-L-O-H-A out of pink and orange construction paper and posted them on the wall.  Next to that sign I hung a huge seahorse beach towel using bulletin board tacks.  I purchased a 12-foot streamer of pink and orange paper lanterns from The Party Store and hung it across the entryway. 

Our stuffed Lilo doll was the centerpiece for the table. Reggae music played softly in the background.  As each guest arrived we greeted them the Hawaiian way - with pink, orange, or green plastic leis from The Party Store and Garden Ridge and a loud "Aloha!". 

ACTIVITIES - structured games combined with free play worked well with this 5 and under age group.  "Deep See Fishing" read one posterboard.  I had a small inflatable doll pool filled with magnetic sea creatures and two fishing poles I got from The Dollar Store. 

In another corner I had "Coconut Bowling" with a plastic toy set from Wal-Mart.

At the play table each guest created their own "beach bag".  They could decorate yellow paper bags I bought from Garden Ridge using stamps with tropical / beach themes (seashells, starfish, sandcastles and such), colored markers, and Lilo and Stitch stickers. 

While the guests were eating I secretly filled each bag with goodies like kiddie sunglasses, small toys, and candy and handed them back as each child departed.  I had also planned to  play "Hot Potato Stitch" using the stuffed Disney doll and lively beach music, but the pizza arrived and the kids dashed to the kitchen. 

FOOD - besides pizza, we offered goldfish crackers, and Lilo and Stitch cake made by H.E.B. grocery store. Despite the chilly January air outside, the party had a very cheerful, relaxed air inside.

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