Lilo and Stitch Party

Lilo & Stich 5yr - Grass Skirts, Lei & Bracelet




Christie in Virginia Beach, VA


Oct 2002


Honorable Mention

My daughter's 5th birthday party was a huge success!  She had a Lilo and stitch party. 

I used all the Disney paper products and invitations and I also hung Birthday banners with retro flowers in two walkways.  My daughter wore the Lilo costume I purchased through the Disney store. As her guests arrived they were given an Aloha welcome and handed a grass skirt, lei and bracelet set I bought from Oriental Trading ($3.95 each).  These were adorable.  The kids LOVED them!  The moms also got a lei to wear.  The boys also got a lei as well as a blow up guitar(oriental trading).  This was great becuase it worked with my theme.

Kids and parents were also asked to dress Hawaiian to help make it more festive.  While the guests were arriving the Lilo and Stitch CD was playing.  This also was a BIG hit in that I had to keep playing the theme song over and over. 

The table and menu was all in Hawaiian theme.  I had fresh pineapples on the table with little mints wrapped in paper that said aloha on them (purchased from Oriental trading).  I made fresh mango salsa (which everyone LOVEd and wanted the recipe for)with tortilla chips, and fresh fruit in carved watermelon with a fruit dip.  I also had rainbow colored goldfish and macadamian nuts in authentic coconut cups. 

For lunch I served grilled chicken kabobs with pineapple that I made the night before and just heated them in the oven.  With that I had put the fresh fruit inside coconut halves.  The adults and kids also loved this.  The kids got capri suns and for the adults I had pink lemonade in a punch bowl with lemon slices and fresh strawberries.  ( I could have done a punch but decided to keep in simple for myself and besides everyone loves lemonade!) When everyone was finished we went outside were I had a sand art activity. 

Everyone got a little plastic bottle they got to fill up with different colored sand. (Again oriental trading) We also had a pinata.  I had planned on doing a "hot" potato game with a coconut but ran out of time!  The kids enjoyed the music so much we danced around the kitchen, dining room, foyer living room and family room like a train with myself or my daughter leading.  The kids had so much fun copying my Hawaiian dance moves. 

We had a Lilo and Stitch birthday cake I bought at Walmart which came out great too!  The kids were oooing and ahhing over it.  And that was it!  I got so many compliments on was a great party it was and on how much fun the kids had.  This by far was the best party I had.  I have three girls and it is hard to come up with new and fun things.  For my other daaaughter's third birthday I had a Dora party which was a mish mosh of several ideas I got from your site. 

That was also was a good party.  I hope this information helps someone who wants to have a Lilo and Stitch party because it really was a great party!  My daughter was so happy!

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