Lilo and Stitch Party

Lilo & Stitch Luau 5yr - Coconut Relay




Cheri in Jackson Tennessee


September 2007



Our daughter wanted a Lilo & Stitch party for her 5th birthday.  Here is a synopsis of what we did. 

Invitations:  We bought Hawaiaan postcards.  On the postcards, we placed Lilo and Stitch stickers so it looked like they were in the scene.  On the back, we addressed the guest with their Hawaiian name.  We then wrote in letter form an invitation to the luau party  -- and told them to hula on over for the party.  The card was signed Lilo and Stitch. 

Welcome: each guest received multiple leis and a Aloha sticker with their name in Hawaiian 

Food:  We tried to have a semi- authentic luau.  Kalua pork, huli huli chicken, aloha sweet potatoes, sticky rice, tropical fruit kabobs on umbrella straws, hawaiian rolls, polynesian hot dogs (not hawaiian), and goldfish crackers in buckets.  I bought banana leaf shaped trays to serve the food in.  We also had a cooler filled with juice boxes, water, etc. 

Decorations:  We had the party on our poolside deck.  We decorated the pergola with luau themed lanterns, tropical twisties from O.T., and floral leis.  We had 2 inflatable palm trees that even had coconuts.  Pineapples and fake hibiscus flowers decorated the table.  Lilo & Stitch balloons rounded out the decor. 

Crafts:  I made sand clay (sand, water, cream of tartar and cornstarch).  The kids played in this and never really made anything to take home -although you could make something and this will dry hard.  They also made grass skirts from O.T. 

Games:  Coconut relay (coconut pushed by brooms around obstacle course), Lilo Limbo, Stitch's Twister (luau theme twister game from OT), and Escape from Gantu (simon says but telling kids they have to escape from Gantu by swimming" "paddling a surfboard make a wish and then on the count of 3 let their balloons go to set their wishes free.  The kids loved this. 

Goodie Bag:  Hibiscus paper bags from OT filled with candy bar with custom birthday wrapper (picture of daughter hugging stitch on front -- and Here's a kokolei to say Mahola lui noa for coming to --- birthday party on the back); Hawaiian pineapple cookies that I ordered from a Hawaiaan online store Aloha bubbles sunglasses lilo & Stitch stickers 8 lilo & stitch coloring pages tied with ribbons and a small box of crayons. 

Surprise hits of the party:  The Hawaiian salt used to make the kalua pork (we ended up placing some in zip loc baggies for everyone to take home).  The coconuts from the coconut relay -- the kids wanted us to crack them open so they could drink the milk -- they loved it."

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