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Brave Kinghts Party -6yr- Home Made Tunics




Sherry in San Jose, CA USA


Jan. 2004


Special Mention

Brave Knight Party - 6 Year Old With inspiration from this website, in March 2003 we threw my son a wonderful Knight party. Here is what we did: 

(1)The invitations were terrific. We used the wording obtained from the wonderful idea #3852: "Once upon a time there was a valiant knight named Sir Benjamin of Bayberry (we live on Bayberry) and on the anniversary of his sixth birthday he invited brave knights and fair maidens from near and far to his castle to feast on ice cream and cake and to take part in games of bravery and chivalry." Then I added "The gathering commenced at 1pm on Saturday, March 8th. Festivities were held at the Gilmore Castle." Each invitation was addressed to Sir Tyler or (Last Name) or The Lady Patricia of (Last name). So, I printed those out on grey granite colored paper (2 invites per page). Next I scorched the edges with a candle. Then I used double sided tape to attatch skewers to the top and bottom of the invitations, I rolled them up from both edges, then tied them shut with twine.

(2)We made a large castle using 2 refrigerator & 2 stove boxes that the kids could play in. We used just duct tape to secure them together. We got the boxes from the back of a local appliance store. We spray painted them silver (~10 cans cost $1 ea @ walmart), used a large sponge and black paint to simulate stones around the bottom of the castle. We cut in a drawbridge and windows. We cut small holes in the drawbridge and the nearby walls, using a thick string through the holes, the kids could open and shut the drawbridge. Then we cut a couple of circle windows on the side where the kids could poke their heads out of, we painted outfits around and below those holes so that the kids would look like a king and queen. Because I'm a little over-zealous, I stenciled some ivey on some of the walls. We also cut an additional piece of cardboard like this: _/-\_/-\_/-\_ for along the tops of the castle. 

(3) I made simple tunics for each child. Got some ugly brown cotton (@ Walmart $1/yard). Each tunic was about 3/4-1 yard. Then did belts (equipped with a loop for their swords) using a rope purchased for about $1 for 3yds.

(4) I made swords for each child using the inside tubes of wrapping paper and dessert sized paper plates. Just pie-slice the center of the plate, push the tube through, then tape to secure. I then sprayed them with silver spray paint. The kids had a blast sword dueling! Yes some got bent, but no problem-- my husband set up a blacksmith shop using duct tape. :)

(5) When the children first arrived I had them use stickers to decorate their shields. The shields were large oval shaped Chinet paper plates, which I also sprayed silver. I poked a couple of holes through them and strung through some black elastic, for them to put their arms through. I had a crest shape drawn in the center of the shield, which I told them not to put stickers in, as that's where their badges (stickers) would go after they performed the tasks they needed to accomplish to become a knight. 

(6)Taken from idea #4891 posted on this sight, were the "Bravery, Honor, Skillful, and Loyalty" themes for our games. Our games I believe were different though.

(7)One game was to throw their shield through a hula hoop (skillful).

(8)A second was to slay the dragon (a six star pinata, which we simply glued dragon paper plates to both sides). That was the Bravery task.

(9)The third game was a type of relay race using a couple of stick horses (which I got for $5 ea @ Walmart).That was the Honor sticker.

(10)The best game was not one everyone will be able to do: We have a wooden play structure with a playhouse that you climb up to. Anyway, I know this may sound like I'm the evil witch, BUT I had my older son dress up as a dragon (he stood below the playhouse) and my older daughter dress up in a princess costume (she was above in the playhouse). My husband made a bow out of PVC pipe and string. I bought some flat tipped arrows (got those at the dollar store). Here's the witch part… the party goers then shot the dragon (my good sport 12 year old son) with the arrows to save the "beautiful princess". The kids took turns standing about 10 feet away from the dragon. They loved it.

(11)We made a square cake in the shape of a castle, using upside down sugar cones for the turrets. 

(12)We then finished off the party by everyone getting knighted by the King (my hubby).

I made him a simple red satin cape with white fur along the front. I also got him a cheap paper crown. The kids bent down on one knee in front of the king as he knighted them with his sword, and he gave them a scroll. The scroll read, for example: "It is proclaimed that Marshall Grant is hereby knighted and will hereinafter be referred to as Sir Marshall of Stimson". (Marshall lives on Stimson Way). We also printed our family crest (Gilmore) on the scroll. And because I was exhausted, I cheated by adding  our thank you note to the bottom of the scroll: "Sir Benjamin of Bayberry would like to thank you for your presence on this momentous occasion. He and his royal family hope that you have enjoyed yourself this day."

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