Knight Party

Knights, Wizards & Dragons - Castle Building




Deborah in Springfield, PA


Jan. 2004


Honorable Mention

Theme : Knights, wizards, dragons, ( can be used for Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Shrek, or any other Medieval themes) 

Activities:  Gathering area - Have coloring papers with Medieval theme copied from a coloring book and a supply of crayons to keep the party goers busy until the majority of the guests arrive. Another gathering activity is to have a short cartoon with an appropriate subject playing and a small seating area to gather the guests. 

Castle building - (a variation on the gingerbread house)  Supplies needed - graham crackers or chocolate ice box cookies icing large marshmallows ice cream cone cups a variety of candies miniature paper candy cups ( optional) Gummy worms and bugs  (optional)                         

Paper plates Construction - 

1. Place one whole graham cracker flat on the plate Glue ( with icing) 1 large marshmallow to each inside corner. (since this is the castle dungeon, you may place gummy worms and bugs in this level to eat later)

2. "glue" another cracker on top of the marshmallows to make the treasure chamber ( place a small paper candy cup on this level filled with M&M's other candy). Repeat the above step with marshmallows and another whole cracker.  Repeat the process 2 more times until the floors reach the height of a graham cracker standing. 

3. "glue" a cracker standing upright on longer edge to the front and back of the castle.  Adjust the size for the sides by breaking a cracker in half and "glue" these to the sides. 

4. Add towers by "gluing" ice cream cone cups to the side of the castle with the wide, open side, up. 

5. Allow the children to decorate the castle with candy that they can glue on with icing. 

6. Write each child's name on an open area of the paper and set them aside to be taken home as a party favor.  Activity - Coat of Arms Materials - Strips of bleached muslin 9 or 10 inches wide and  36" long.  Dowel pieces, rulers, or plastic clothes hangers.  Sharp point, permanent markers Glitter glue Foam pieces Sequins  Tracers (for younger children) in the shape of crowns dragons, swords, shields, wizard hats etc.

Pre party preparation: 
1. Cut lengths of muslin and fold in half so that you have a wall hanging that is 9 or 10" wide and 18" long 

2. Hang over a hanger, ruler, or dowel piece and sew a seam across the material to hold it in place.(if you don't sew, you can hot glue the sections together, or use a liquid stitch that is available in sewing supply stores. If you are using dowels or rulers, you will need to tie a piece of yarn or ribbon to form a hanger.  At the party 

3. Each child creates a "Coat of Arms" by drawing their design onto the muslin with a marker, then tracing with glitter glue. Decorate with "jewels" and foam shapes.( for younger children, have the Sir or Lady and name so that they can trace over with glitter glue. Tracers will also help them to create their hanging and they can experiment with placement before using the marker and glitter glue.)  Be sure that the name is on the hanging and set aside to dry and then be taken home as a party favor. 

Games - Treasure Quest This is a game within a game. Provide each player with a treasure bag with their name on it, which they will carry through out the game.  The object of the game is to get to the treasure chest by completing the challenges of the Quest. Each clue will lead the Crusaders to a task game and at the end of the game, a new clue leads to the next game. Winner of each level receives a special prize (such as a small paper crown or a ribbon to tie to their arm) and the others get a smaller prize like candy or a toy to place in their treasure bag. After the last game, have a map so that the treasure seekers can pace off and find the treasure chest hidden under a table or in a closet. Chest contains party bags for the guests.

Sample of game can be:
1. Pin the tail on the dragon -

2. Tournament relay (players in two lines - first player must put on all the clothes in a basket, run to the back of the line, undress and pass the clothes back up to the front by having each player pass the pieces under their legs to the front player. Game continues until all of the players have had a turn. First team finished, wins. 

3. Troll toss - paint faces on tops of rounded clothes pins. Enlarge the opening or a 1/2 gallon milk carton and place on the floor in front of the back upright of a straight chair. Have the players kneel on the chair, each one having 3 clothes pins. Players try to drop their trolls into the carton. At the end of the game, the team with the most "Trolls" in the carton wins the game.  Palace pizza, and a castle cake constructed using a stack of square cakes and towers baked in coffee cans and topped with marshmallow turrets and candy bar stones, complete the party theme.

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